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About billion Bao

    Billion Bao is a set of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises customized to SEO as the core of the Intelligent Network Marketing system. Help enterprises from domain name registration, intelligent Cloud Server, intelligent station building system,Baidu Ranking Optimization, Free station construction system, WAP website (micro-official website) Intelligent generation, intelligent SEO tools, free SEO software, effect intelligent monitoring and other one-stop solution! Let enterprises easily realize search engine marketing, in the mainstream domestic search engine to provide more opportunities for display, so as to achieve more inquiry opportunities.

Through a wealth of keywords, the use of SEO technology, in a short period of time to make users of the site in the domestic mainstream search engine to obtain a large number of keywords stable natural ranking, for the user's website to obtain a large number of traffic, so that enterprise products to obtain a large number of exposure and quality inquiries, and into a real order.



Billion BaoAdvantages of Marketing System

Enterprise Marketing System Advantage

  • 1. Coverage of 98% of the country's search market

  • Baidu PC End, good Search 360, new Sogou as China's mainstream search engine, accounting for more than 98% of the Chinese search engine market share.

  • 2. Mainstream search engine Home

  • Billion Bao is after 15 years of technical precipitation, more than 100,000 enterprises SEO experience developed a set of intelligent integrated Search Network Marketing system, to help customers seize Baidu PC end, good Search 360, New Sogou home page ranking.

  • 3. Lock the target customer correctly

  • Billion Bao analysis buyers different search usage habits, to help enterprises design hundreds of product-related keywords to promote to mainstream search engines, a comprehensive lock in the different needs of each purchaser

  • 4. Multi-search engine localized coverage

  • Billion Bao not only in Baidu PC end, good Search 360, new Sogou to help enterprises solve rankings andIndependent station PromotionProblems, at the same time in Baidu Mobile will also have a team 24 hours of SEO services, will also have a good ranking, very good results.

  • 5. Intelligent Effect Monitoring

  • Billion Bao use intelligent customer detection system, so that users use the effect at a glance, including display site keyword ranking situation, traffic situation, inquiry situation, visitor analysis, and so on, and through a large number of data analysis to optimize the advertising effect.

  • 6. Multi-Scene coverage

  • Billion treasure users can also build the corresponding language of the PC end and mobile phone site, two sets of website synchronization optimization, synchronous management, comprehensive coverage of the user's work scene.

  • Billion BaoTen functions of marketing system

  • Enterprise Marketing System has the function of ten

Billion BaoLeadership Team

Leadership Team Yiqibao

  • He Xuming

  • Chairman, Siwei Europe Group

  • Founder and chairman of Siyuan Network Technology Co., Ltd. ( Master of Business Administration, Zhejiang President Class graduated, many years of the world's top 500 enterprise management experience. 2003 began to learn Internet technology, 14 Internet industry entrepreneurial experience. Has been "to promote the development of China's SEO industry top ten leading people", is China to introduce the concept of SEO and put into practice. In Zhejiang Province by 2.015 million people Zhejiang Merchants Conference won the "Top ten entrepreneurial innovation leading Zhejiang merchants."