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Foreign Trade Express

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What is the foreign Trade express?

      Foreign Trade ExpressIs an intelligent network Marketing system platform based on big data and cloud computing. Relying on five functional systems to help foreign trade enterprises intelligently create multilingual marketing sites and advanced VR display sites, through buyers data mining, as well as SEO, SNS and other multi-channel network marketing, to achieve global promotion and emerging market development.

Marketing website Construction

Foreign Trade Express Intelligent Station system will be marketing ideas, methods and skills into the site planning, design and production, there are many sets of European and American style site templates for users to choose, according to the prompts to fill personalized content, marketing sites can be automatically generated. Foreign Trade Express Use MicrosoftAzure Global Cloud Server provides a secure and stable site space for user sites.

Small language websites

Foreign Trade Express Intelligent Station system supports outside of English47 Small languages (German, French, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Turkish, etc.) to build a station, and has implemented 47 small language sites One-click Translation generation.

WAP Mobile Sites

EachThe PC-side website is equipped with a mobile WAP station suitable for mobile browsing and mobile search rules.

VR Panoramic View Factory

Based on the advancedVR Technology and 360 panoramic display technology, for foreign Trade express users to create a VR website, including a VR panoramic website development and application support system, as well as not less than 20 static panoramic scenes (can contain 1 aerial panoramic photos).

Multilingual multi-Search engine full station SEO

Foreign Trade Express Intelligent Station system from the beginning of the website structure has been fully implanted throughout the stationSEO Technology, the site after the completion of automatic start SEO. Keyword analysts help users fully analyze the user's industry and products, plan a large number of high-quality core keywords and long tail keywords, fully cover the search behavior and habits of potential buyers. 48 languages of the site, respectively, Google search engine 48 language site SEO, and synchronous drive Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, Yandex and other mainstream search engine SEO.

Intelligent SNS Marketing

Based on GlobalSNS Big Data One-stop social marketing, to help foreign trade enterprises intelligent mining customer data, intelligent interaction, and intelligent to achieve transformation. Includes cross-platform multi-account management system, intelligent social marketing system, intelligent monitoring system.

Foreign Trade Express business software

SAP's technical team specializes in developing a business exposure and rapid propagation software for foreign Trade express users. Users use the software, can be easily and quickly in kingdoms international well-known foreign tradeB2B Business platform to create enterprise accounts, and the enterprise's product or service information published to the corresponding platform, for the enterprise's products or services to obtain more exposure, for the enterprise's website to obtain more traffic, and then into the inquiry and order.

Customer Portrait

Comprehensive analysis of purchaser information from multiple dimensions, for foreign trade express users to quickly identify buyers and develop the next customer development plan to provide accurate data basis.

Practical training in foreign trade

Comprehensive analysis of purchaser information from multiple dimensions, for foreign trade express users to quickly identify buyers and develop the next customer development plan to provide accurate data basis.


Recommended by global Buyers

According to the Foreign Trade express users ' products and keywords, automatically recommend the global directory of potential buyers.

Global Buyers Enquiries

Users, as needed, enter the appropriate query criteria to query potential buyers around the world.

Keyword ranking statistics

Foreign Trade express Intelligent Monitoring system regularly counted once a users all participate in the optimization of keywords for Google rankings.

Website Traffic Statistics

Foreign Trade Express Intelligent Monitoring System daily real-time statistics of the user's websitePV and Access IP.

Visit route domain name view

In addition to statistical website traffic, users can also through the foreign Trade Express intelligent Monitoring system, to see the domain name of each visit to the route. Or a convenient link to the inquiry, as long as the visitor triggers, all the information is recorded in the management background of the website, easy for users to query and manage.

Mail & amp; enquiry Management

Using the foreign Trade Express self-service construction station system created by the website, the front desk will have the intention of the purchaser to the user enterprise to send mail or inquiry convenient link, as long as the visitor triggered, all the information will be recorded in the site management background, easy for users to query and manage

Foreign Trade Express APP

View and manage keyword rankings, traffic, access to the route, mail and inquiries anytime, anywhere, and communicate with customers in a timely manner.

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