Foreign Trade Internet Promotion

Foreign Trade Internet Promotion

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Foreign Trade Internet Promotion


Foreign trade Internet promotion is a lot of foreign trade enterprises are not familiar with the field, foreign trade promotion channels are mainly divided into three kinds: overseas branches, international exhibitions and internet promotion.

Overseas branches and international exhibition costs are very high, for export enterprises, the promotion of the Internet has become a necessary option for foreign trade promotion channels. And in the promotion of the Internet, search engine promotion has become a foreign trade enterprisesWeapon, Which in particular is promoted by GooglePreparationHighly regarded.GoogleOverseasPromoteDivided into GooglePC-End promotion andGoogle Mobile PromotionsIn2015YearsThe number of people using the mobile side to access Google in May has exceeded PCAt present, Google Mobile has become an indispensable promotion method in the promotion of foreign trade Internet.

Google's value does not need to be repeated, the market capitalisation of all internet companies around the world, And even all the well-known foreign tradeB2 BPlatforms all need to be drained from Google.

And Google's promotion is divided into bidding mode and optimization mode two kinds, whichGoogle ranking optimizationMode because the click no longer extra charge, so that the cost is greatly reduced, so it has won a lot of international trade enterprises of all ages.

Foreign Trade Express with its superb Google optimization technology to obtain the recognition of a large number of foreign trade enterprises, but also for many foreign trade enterprises overseas promotion to provide a cost-effective promotion options.

Foreign Trade Express, to help export enterprises to sell products to the world!