Foreign Trade generation operation business

Foreign Trade generation operation business

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Foreign Trade generation operation business


Liaoning Snare World Technology Co., Ltd. has many years of foreign trade and e-commerce operation experience of foreign trade generation operations team, can help export enterprises, fromPromotion on the foreign Trade linePre-data preparation, foreign trade channel construction, channel daily operation Management, inquiry processing, customer reception, order negotiation, foreign trade process follow-up and other stages and links to provide one-stop service, to help enterprises quickly and effectively open the international market channels.


Foreign Trade generation operation, refers to the integration of foreign trade enterprises to use their external good professional resources, so as to reduce costs, improve efficiency, give full play to their core competitiveness and enhance the ability of enterprises to adapt to the environment a management model. Through the integration of resources to achieve complementary advantages, to reduce costs, improve efficiency, promote common development, rapid development of the purpose.


In order to meet the needs of the vast number of production enterprises into the international market, the desire for greater development, Through our many years of international trade team's actual combat experience, timely launch of foreign trade generation operation service cooperation model. The enterprise's product development, production management, trade capacity and other advantages and the enterprise's international marketing service advantages combined to achieve complementary advantages, resource integration, guide and help small and medium-sized enterprises to penetrate the international market as soon as possible, improve the international market competitiveness and market share of the enterprise's products, In the expansion of import and export trade to work together to build a winning value chain of cooperation.


The concrete implementation content of foreign trade substitute operation service


Foreign Trade Generation Operation project:


1, the Daily maintenance of foreign trade channels on behalf of the operation of services: (Mode i)


By us for the enterprise to complete from the independent station data preparation, keyword screening, details page design and production, product release and other pre-construction station work, to the subsequent independent station content update, background maintenance,Site ranking OptimizationAnd other daily housekeeping work. For enterprises to achieve the promotion of independent station traffic and transformation, for the enterprise foreign trade personnel to provide more accurate inquiries, increase transaction opportunities.


2, the Department of International Trade Custody Services: (Mode II)


By netting the world's full-time professional international trade marketing and management team, responsible for the management and processing of all foreign trade business and marketing affairs, and close cooperation with enterprises, we focus on playingForeign trade promotion channelsManagement operations, international marketing, the development of customer advantages, enterprises focus on product development, production management, quality control and other advantages. In order to achieve the production of enterprise products fast and safe to penetrate the international market purposes.