Boiling Guest

Boiling Guest

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What is the social marketing software for boiling guests?

Based on the global SNS Big Data One-stop social marketing, to help foreign trade enterprises intelligent mining customer data, intelligent interaction, and intelligent to achieve transformation

Cross-platform multi-account management system

1.1 Cross-platform data consolidation

Boiling guests integrate data from the billion-volume social platform Facebook, LinkedIn and the global foreign trade B2B platform as a data base for users to engage in social marketing

1.2 Total software account and sub-account number

Boiling guest software to the user to use the Total Account Management sub-account mode, each user A total account, according to the need to select the number of sub-accounts

1.3Social Media MarketingSystem

A boiling guest software user sub-account can manage six Facebook and LinkedIn accounts uniformly, all operations can be done within the software after binding the account, without having to log in to the social software interface.

Intelligent Social Marketing System

2.1 Intelligent Data Mining

According to user-set keywords and time and other information, intelligent mining once friends, two-degree friends, groups, public homepage, activities and other data information.

2.2 Intelligent Grouping

For smart mining and manually added friends, groups, public home pages, activities, according to user-specified intentions and standards for packet storage, and by group to perform other specified actions.

2.3 Intelligent Interaction

According to the user set the intention and content, the friend batch carries on the intelligent praise, the intelligent evaluation, the intelligent push and so on operation.

2.4 Smart Inquiry Get and reply

A boiling guest software user sub-account can uniformly manage six Facebook and L from the social software and B2B business platform intelligent Access to the intended customer of a variety of inquiries, anytime, anywhere to master the intended visit to customers. All inquiries are managed uniformly and can be uniformly returned in the software without having to log in to the appropriate social software and business platform.

Intelligent Monitoring System

3.1 Intelligent Monitoring Data mining

Perform real-time statistics and monitoring of customer information such as digging friends, groups, and activities to understand the quantity and quality of data mining.

3.2 Intelligent monitoring of friend interactions

Real-time monitoring of automatic batch execution of friends interaction, for the marketing information to provide a reference for the push.

3.3 Intelligent Monitoring information push effect

Real-time statistical monitoring of dynamic, blog push business, product exposure, at any time to understand the marketing effect and impact.