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account Manager

【Job Responsibilities】

1. Responsible for the development of customer development and service system in the northeast region of Siyiou Group products, to enhance customer loyalty and market reputation ;

2 , take the initiative to use multiple channels to find and go on ] visit domestic trade and foreign trade enterprises, sell "Yi Qibao", "foreign trade express" and other products, to provide customers with professional, consultative domestic and overseas promotion services ;

3. Through “Yiqibao” and “Foreign Express” products, help customers analyze industry trends, provide appropriate promotion solutions , help customers improve domestic and overseas market promotion, expand overseas market share, and establish long-term and benign cooperation with customers.

【job requirements】

1. College degree or above with 20 to 30 years of age, marketing, e-commerce or computer science, relevant work experience is preferred, and acceptable graduates with better quality ;

2 , clear articulation, standard Mandarin, quick thinking , good logical thinking and good language skills ;

3. Strong motivation for achievement, good customer service awareness and ability to withstand stress ;

4 , optimistic and outgoing, willing to interact with people, with good language expression, human-computer communication skills ;

5 , adapt to the rapid development of the Internet industry, aspiring to become an elite in the Internet industry.

[welfare treatment]

1. The company provides a superior office environment and a healthy and good team atmosphere ;

2 , working hours : 08:30-17:30 , normal holidays and rest ;

3. All management positions of the company are promoted from within the company, and those with excellent ability provide career promotion channels :

Management route : Account Manager - Team Leader - Regional Director - Corporate Partner ;

Professional route : Customer Specialist - Account Manager - Senior Account Manager ;

4 , the company provides paid training, high commission, enjoy paid annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave and legal holidays.

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account Manager

【Job Responsibilities】

1. Responsible for the preparation of the website construction information of the customer in the early stage, and daily maintenance .

2 , on behalf of the operation of the customer's daily foreign trade business follow-up, inquiry reply, quotation, delivery and other full-process operations .

3 , coordination with the factory, factory, product information, quotation .

【Job Requirements】

1. Engaged in cross-border trade for half a year, with B2B and B2C platform operation and operation experience preferred .

2 , there is a real export experience of foreign trade exports, skilled operation of foreign trade export process, document production .

3 , English listening, speaking, reading and writing proficiency

4. If the conditions for graduates of international trade are excellent, the conditions can be relaxed .

5. Priority is given to welfare benefits in foreign and rural households :

[welfare treatment]

No liability, basic salary + commission + six insurance and one gold + paid annual leave + working age salary + weekend weekend + end of foreign travel

  Sincerely welcome everyone who is willing to work for the ideal and family to join our team!