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The acquisition flow of independent station promotion ideas (II)
- 2019-04-03-

The acquisition flow of independent station promotion ideas (II)

Third, price comparison network

Price comparison network is usually a comprehensive category, the properties are similar to deal station, but will be based on different categories of different channels to drainage to accurately locate the user. Generally speaking, the price comparison net is equivalent to a information in the collation of the platform will be a single product prices, inventory, logistics prices and aging information, such as automatic two finishing and then according to the price of the sort from low to high, (That is, if the price of a product at a separate station is the lowest in the comparison network, then your product link will be automatically discharged in the top position) to reduce the cost of time invested and information collection for consumers to complete the order and finally complete the payment.

1.Idealo.co.uk (all European multi-country sites)

2.Pricerunner.co.uk (all European multi-country sites)

3.Pricespy.co.uk (all European multi-country sites)

4.Kelkoo.co.uk (all European multi-country sites)

The form of cooperation of the price comparison network is usually the CPC (cost per click) Form, that is, according to the customer each click Login to the independent station page to charge, at the same time each category of a single click price is different pricing network will be based on their backstage click frequency of the unified price.

The product delivery of the price comparison network is usually docked by the Datafeed URL exported from the independent station, which means that you can decide for yourself which categories of products to listing instead of stand-on and all the products, of course, which also includes the skills of the selection. On theForeign trade promotion channelsThe development and maintenance techniques are not discussed here today.

Iv. Social Media Marketing platform


As the world's largest social network, FB's promotion can first be divided into four channels:

1. AD Delivery

FB ads are similar to Google ads, which track user interest preferences through cookies and then use the corresponding product ad implants in the user's brush FB to achieve conversion

2. Facebook group (for example, through product keywords/promotion target area search)

Through product keywords, product models, competitive product models and other search FB group plus promotional targets such as iPhone UK or DJI US and then with the administrator's permission to send a promotional sticker. Business ideas are similar to the forum model or by searching Amazon marketing/affiliate to search for relevant promotion clusters to recruit existing mature collaborators.

3. Facebook Page

The properties of FB Page are very similar to those mentioned above, but the text content is relatively shorter, usually search brands such as Iphone,xiaomi and so on. At the same time, independent stations can set up their own official page, and then use other promotional channels to carry out their own page drainage in the operation of a good enough attention after this belongs to their own FBpage will become a good self-media communication promotion channels.

4. Personal Page

This is what we often say about the red, or some scientific and technological assessment of the big coffee, the fashion circle of the big V and so on as opinion leaders, through their promotion with the credibility of higher. At the same time, it is more important that most of these big cafes are updated simultaneously on Twitter, Instagram, and Goggle+, and that there is often an equal level of fan base, which is very beneficial to multi-channel synchronous promotion.

Here's a talk about the pros and cons of FB promotion:

First of all, there is no doubt that FB's large user base (more than 1.2 billion users worldwide) is different from the previous blog or forum, product evaluation and buyer experience from the product from the delivery to the actual effect of the time period is too long this directly led to the increase in material and time costs, and this on the FB cost of promotion will be greatly reduced Of course, with it, the credibility will be relatively low, so the conversion rate will be lower, which can be made up with traffic.

The second is based on the social nature of FB in the FB to do the promotion and user interaction compared to other channels more advantages can enhance the user's loyalty and stickiness at the same time to help the user feedback information to make a faster response and corresponding measures, followed by the product quality control and logistics tariffs and other after-sales service without strict control of the words Will bring more customer service and complaints and other issues.

Finally, although posting in FB is easy and low cost, but the top usually needs to be charged (the top post is really able to bring good flow and conversion) It's going to test.Independent station PromotionHow to maintain the partnership with the administrator.