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With billion treasures to do Baidu ranking optimization online How long will there be a ranking?
- 2018-09-03-

With billion treasures to do Baidu ranking optimization online How long will there be a ranking?

After the customer's website is online, they may come and ask my site about what time there will be a ranking? Anxious customers may even stare at their keywords every day, constantly inSearch Engine Ranking OptimizationInside into the keyword for inquiry, today can not be found tomorrow, the customer anxious, will ask what's going on? That's when we need to know something basic.SEO Full Station optimizationRanking knowledge to ease customer anxiety and guide customers to understand a bit of basic SEO effect cycle. So what should we do to make the new station faster and better to have a ranking?

Clear site architecture and themes before new stations go live
The main work after the new website is online is to supplement the content of our general operation and set the keywords of the website (the new station does not recommend setting popular keywords, which will cause users to be unable to coalesce), title, description and the program itself we need. But the site after the line is very taboo is to modify a little every day, so that its own site in the audit period, you do this will only increase the audit period, but also lead to the station was Baidu mistakenly K;
Remember not to collect in bulk. (Direct copying of other people's website information to earn to their own station also belongs to the collection), in the new station period we can do some pseudo-original to attract Baidu crawl, thereby enhancing the ranking of the site.


Website Timing Quantitative Update article

We can update a few or one a day, their own control of this amount (do not look at their own time today, send a 30 articles, the day after tomorrow busy an article also did not). Why does the new station need to send articles every day? Because we are not the same as high-weight sites, we do not have a user system, and the site is very dangerous during the audit period, so we need to update the article every day to attract spiders to crawl and improve the ranking.


Maintain the quality of the article

About the quality of the article, I believe that everyone's response to the idea of the original degree of the article. But here we have to add is that if your original article and site theme is not relevant, the content is worthless and unreadable, it will not be included, the site does not have the slightest effect, but will be rated as garbage. So what we're saying here is to keep the quality of the article, to say that the article in the original premise, to ensure the relevance of the article, readability and content clarity.


Be patient and don't optimize too much

All things are a degree, this truth everyone understands, but there are always so a large number of friends can not bear loneliness, 2 weeks did not include the beginning of the urgent, doubt is not outside the chain to do less, or just included, to see how not ranked, to argue why has not been ranked. In the current SEO industry, the general new site station does not have 3 months do not want to think about the ranking, do a good job of doing well, because now do station is not more than the original, may be collected under, more than the outside chain is easy to go up, but also particularly stable We just need to keep the internal chain of the site and the quality of the article just fine.


Links are also fastidious.

If the new station early can have a few high-weight stations to take you, then your new station will certainly be faster through the audit period and easy to produce rankings, here the author needs to place special emphasis on everyone, we do not go to bulk purchase links, if it is a personal site can also, but we go to buy a lot of links are dedicated to links, A website single wizard out of dozens of, this do not go to buy, and may even get involved in their own website. When our own website is included more, it is natural to exchange the same website!


To talk to everyone is, doSEO we must be patient, stick to it and do the details well. We want a good ranking, first of all need to use accurate keywords to focus on the user's experience, to clarify the central idea of the site, start not greedy, first do the center, and then spread to the periphery, to have enough patience not to go on the line to stare at the ranking, do a good job of the site, so that the site live in the present,