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SEO Xiao Bai must learn, SEO whole Station optimization noun explanation Daquan
- 2018-09-04-

SEO Xiao Bai must learn, SEO whole Station optimization noun explanation Daquan

1, Key words: Key words to understand the "key" These two words, just like we buy goods on the top of Taobao, when we want to buy clothes pants, will enter clothes to search, "clothes" This is a keyword, the key words are divided into: The core keyword, is to show the site's products and services, simple and clear outstanding, Long tail keyword, accurate flow source, high conversion rate, just like "Cowboy set men Spring and Autumn" This is the long tail keyword.

2, the Site Classification directory: Classification directory can better guide spider crawling and users to find exactly what they want. We use a decoration company to give examples, the first level of catalogues: home decoration over the pattern example, the following is the two-level catalogue: bedroom, living room, study, kitchen, toilet and so on.

3. Natural ranking/bidding ranking: Natural ranking through the SEO technology to improve the ranking, low cost, slow effect, long time; spot rankings only need Baidu to pay fees can, once the cost is exhausted, the ranking will disappear, the need for a steady stream of funds to maintain, quick results, cost consumption.

4. Ranking algorithm: Ranking algorithm is search engine on the search results of the site ranking, but also to constrain the rules and evaluation of the site, in order to improve the ranking of the site, it is necessary to understand the algorithm, according to its definition to plan the site.

5.SEM:SEM= search engine marketing, ranking is to let users find our site, then find the site after the user to consume, our site's web page information, pictures, Q & amp; a how to let users consume, how can we make a profit, this is search engine marketing.

6. Station Group: Station Group is a webmaster or a team using software to operate many websites, the links are pointed to the same site, in order to obtain a higher search ranking and a large number of traffic, the station group is composed of countless websites, these sites are owned by a webmaster management.

7. Black Hat SEO/white hat SEO: Black Hat SEO is through the informal fraudulent collection of means to deceive search engines, so that the site to obtain a high ranking. White Hat SEO uses a formal way to optimize the site, can better solve user needs and attract the attention of spiders, can provide users with quality user experience are called white hat SEO.

8. Search Engine spider: Search engine spider is also called web Crawler, simply speaking, spiders will be based on your site situation regularly crawl to browse your site, the site page data analysis and filtering, is to search engine rules to check your site, the fittest, the unfit to eliminate.

9. Website weight: The weight of the site is an authoritative assessment of the overall site, the higher the weight of the site, search engines on the site of the higher, just like an ancient concubine favor the general, high weight forSite ranking OptimizationPromotion, traffic increase, have an important impact, but the weight is not equal to the ranking but can affect the ranking, improve the weight of the site is a more important piece.

10. Keyword density: An article appears in the keyword and the number of words in the article column, can be expressed as a percentage, an article appears the more keywords, the density of keywords will be larger, keyword density must not be too large, in the end is a few percent, there is no accurate statement, but do not exceed 10%, to decorate reasonable.

11.301 Steering: Also called (301 redirection or 301 jump) simply said that the page A moved to page B, the search engine will identify the page B, at the same time page A accumulated page weight will also be transferred to the page B,

12.302 Redirection: Also called (302 temporary transfer) This does not and 301 turn the same, 301 is fixed dead, and 302 can be changed at any time, the main page A is now to jump to page B, can also be changed to the main page A jump to page C, at the

13.404 page: HTTP404 or not Found error message, which indicates that the server was unable to provide information when the user was browsing the web, or because the server could not respond and for unknown reasons.

Summary: There are too many SEO terms are not all introduced here, such as: website reduction Rights, website tags, site snapshots and so on, the more knowledge you know, the easier it is to learn. The essence of knowledge technology is great wisdom, and the so-called technology is evolved from simple to complex.