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"Add website Collection" site ranking optimization how to effectively increase the site collection?
- 2018-11-01-

"Add website inclusion" websiteRankingHow to effectively increase the site collection in the optimization?

WebsiteRankingHow to effectively increase the site collection in the optimization?Site collection promoted, there is a chance to get a higher ranking, more traffic. HoweverSEO optimization of new people, the elderly, there has been a promotion of the collection of Troubles. How can we do this in order to achieve it?Let's take a look at the countermeasures. 

Domain name Selection

When choosing a domain name, it is in the construction of the websiteOf the formerPeriod, we should take full account of the time of domain name registration, expiry time, filing and so on. Domain names contain keywords that allow search engines and users to better identify websitesOfTopics to promote inclusion.

Building a website

When building a website, you also need to take into accountSeoWhole stationOptimizationAspects of the content, such as the construction of the site structure, flat structure, tree structure more convenient for users to browse, but also convenient search engine spider crawling. If both the user and the spider are served well, there will be no problem with the inclusion.

Description & amp; title

Optimization of site titles and descriptions is the origin of all optimizations. Users can see these two parts when entering keywords in search engines, so the inclusion of keywords isCrucial, Followed by smoothness and novelty. The title and description are written to help improve the weight. High weight of the site included naturally will also be good.

301 Redirection

DoThe purpose of the 301 redirection is to keep the sites of other domain names from dispersing the weight of our main station.BecauseHigh weight of the site included good. SoSEO said that if your site does not have WWW's site did not do 301 redirection, then start to do it.

Site Map

There are two kinds of site maps, one to guide spider crawling, one to guide users to browse. At the same time convenient for users and search engine design, will be able to win favor. Spider crawling smoothly, crawl content is also more, after the inclusion can also be improved.