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Foreign trade Internet Promotion method solution
- 2019-04-01-

Foreign trade Internet Promotion method solution

Many friends who do foreign trade will ask,Methods of Internet popularization in foreign tradeWhat are there? In the traditional enterprises towards the Internet this trend, many enterprises will encounter this problem. In the current Internet nationwide, to want products for foreign countries, then it is necessary for foreign customers in every corner of the Internet, you can see your website products, of course, this is a huge project.
    Therefore, in the current foreign trade work competition, a business want to rely on one or two ways to obtain enquiries, which is very difficult. The establishment of independent foreign trade marketing website, for the policy shopping malls for foreign trade promotion, has become the choice of many foreign trade enterprises, the following for different promotion methods, to explain to you:
First, the search engine promotion
The search engine promotion can be divided intoSEO optimization and PPC paid promotion.
SEO Full Station optimization: The optimizer selects the reasonable website optimization technology, the progress website in the Lookup Engine website entry, the ranking appears in the front page, uses the user in the search engine to find the policy keyword, can see our promotion website product.

Want to do a good job of SEO, the first thing to start from the beginning of web planning, as long as the site has a high-quality structure, URLS, code optimization, after the optimization of the work of more smooth. Use Google profiling things to understand the keywords that users find, analyze user needs, expand accurate keyword optimization, write more original articles and their own work or products, and to be durable to adhere to, first let the site in the search engine has more input, through the quality of the chain to increase the search engine to the site rating, Then make the site more keyword ranking top.

2. Google Adwords Ads
A pay-per-click Promotion method
Advantages: Cover wide, account processing sensitive, cost can control their own
Fee: Pay by Click, the ad is clicked by the user once to calculate the cost
Function: Quick effect
Common Lookup EnginesGoogle Adwords Promotion has paid to find ads, online alliance ads, video ads are good choice, for the search engine, the key words are still the most important.
Ii. promotion of diplomatic media
The use of diplomatic channels of drainage is also a good way to promote foreign trade, but also now more common methods, many enterprises will use integrated marketing to participate in diplomatic channels marketing.
1, Facebook: An online diplomatic website in the United States, according to the data show that Facebook monthly vivid number of users is 1.65 billion, the number of information released from here every day is very large.
2, Twitte: An online diplomatic website service website in the United States, Twitter monthly vivid user number of 410 million, daily release beyond 500 million Weibo.
3, YouTube: is now the largest international traffic video site, for SNS promotion, YouTube approach has great potential.
Suppose enterprises want to use diplomatic channels, how to do talent drainage?
The first thing is to sniper the fans first.
Diplomatic treatment
Diplomatic operations (information release, event sharing, etc.)
Diplomatic necessary advertising.
Diplomatic channels once the site has fans, coupled with the operation of the method, many hours can not only bring traffic to the site, but also bring benefits.
Iii. Third party approach promotion
    Many friends will ask is to establish a way to stand well is still independent stand well, in fact, the answer to this question is two do the best. Has been the brand for the core independent station and channel station integration, complementary advantages to create their own brand sales channels.
     Path Station function: The early stage can make full use of the channel cheap flow to obtain, fast pull the sale amount, there is a certain user heap, because the channel station drainage cost is relatively low.
Independent station role: to create brand and product promotion.
    From the channel drainage to the independent station: the channel flow through the customer guidance, the customer looks for keywords and other methods to direct the traffic to the independent station.