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The acquisition flow of independent station promotion ideas (i)
- 2019-04-02-

The acquisition flow of independent station promotion ideas (i)

First introduce aIndependent station PromotionThe basic logical formula: Traffic x conversion rate = Sales

Obviously, the primary goal of promotion is to obtain traffic from all channels, coupled with independent station page operation and so on to improve the conversion rate, of course, promotion to some extent in the short term can improve the conversion rate. But in the long run, the conversion rate of independent stations and word of mouth still depends on the operation, that is, attention to the buyer's user experience. I don't talk much about that here. Today, the main introduction under the promotion of access to traffic channels.

A Blog

About what is a blog believe that we are no stranger, here is not much to introduce. First of all, let's talk about the advantages of blog promotion:

Accurate positioning, the user group that focuses on blogs is usually already clearly positioned for their own needs, and they generally search for a deeper understanding of the topic or product they are interested in through keywords, such as referring to the opinions of the connoisseur.

Blogs that maintain large traffic and are more active by users are often well-known, because the essence of blogging is to do content, which is very compatible with the word-of-mouth promotion and promotion of independent stations, so the development and maintenance of a good quality blog site He can continue to bring traffic to independent stations as well as sales conversion rate to bring a great boost.

Public opinion influence is big, there is PR problem or when the logistics tariff and other problems appear need to stabilize the independent station brand word of mouth when the blog is a very powerful tool.

The Promotion of blog word-of-mouth helps to help independent stations develop loyal users, improve user stickiness, and enhance risk tolerance.

For example: The following is a professional assessment of the Comprehensive Technology blog (of course, according to your independent station main products to search for matching mainstream blog), the main source of traffic is the Anglo-American region.




Two. The Forum

First of all, the forum is divided into two types, can be marketed as well as not marketing. Some forum administrators in order to ensure that the forum's pure shredding content will prohibit all marketing related content of the ban and take the seal measures. This needs to be done first in the development of forum channels.

The following is a discussion of the characteristics and role of the Forum, the Forum, by definition, the forum naturally has a focus on popular attributes, at the same time a wide range of topics can be from a number of categories for independent stations to bring different consumer groups of traffic. In the brand has a certain degree of visibility after the independent station of the new product development market Research Forum can also play a small role. In general, the Forum is not only as a promotion channel, but also an important link between consumers and independent stations, so whether from the point of view of product promotion or after-sales Service processing, the forum is a very influential channel.

Forum promotion needs to pay attention to the Forum Administrator or post promotion partners to carry out a better communication, in the promotion of cooperation before understanding the internal rules of the Forum, otherwise it is easy to be blacklisted by the Forum administrator can not carry out follow-up promotion work.

It should be emphasized here that in the integrated large-scale forum to promote a point of attention (such as the well-known hotUKdeals) when the independent station after the sale of more serious problems, such as a large number of goods quality problems, goods held by the sea buckle can not predict the arrival time, such as the possibility of causing a wave of public opinion problems Be sure to communicate with administrators in a timely manner and deal with public relations issues, otherwise independent stations will bring credibility losses to the promotion of the Forum, resulting in the breakdown of the promotion relationship, followed by the negative effects through the strong dissemination of the forum to the independent station to bring losses. Conversely, the chances of creating a bombshell on the forum are the highest and can have a ripple effect on the promotion of other channels while creating a bombshell (because other channels, such as blogs, deal is also eyeing the forum's hotspots and traffic introduction)

Hotukdeals.co.uk This is a more typical forum with its own marketing attributes, and it is also a very influential guide forum in the UK itself.

Deal/coupon Station

Simple and rough, the user on the deal station for the purpose of only one is to complete the purchase or Taobao, so relatively deal and coupon station users are quite sensitive to the price, so there is no doubt that the ultra-low price and post Flaming Topping is an excellent way to drain and also bring a very high sales conversion rate of course there is sales, but as for profits may not be so objective.