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The logic behind Google's overseas promotion
- 2018-12-12-

The logic behind Google's overseas promotion


"Heard a lot of truth, but still too bad this life" is a very popular sentence in the past few years. Because he seems to say a lot of people's voices.

I am09 into the foreign trade this line, at that time there seems to be not much training on the market, we are keen to participate in the major platforms, Alibaba global resources, such as the training provided. By 2017 years, foreign trade training has been a big market, a variety of training courses in full bloom. However, there are still a lot of people feel, read a lot of foreign trade articles, a collection of a lot of sales cheats, spent a lot of money, but still do not know how to become a foreign trade master.

An important factor, of course, is to learn to use, in the use of better learning.

But I think there is also a very important reason, that is, did not find these foreign trade master to share the logic behind.

What is the very important keyword to do foreign trade? It's sales. What is the purpose of wanting to be achieved? Is continuous sales.



It sounds like a piece of crap, doingForeign Trade Internet PromotionBusiness is not just to sell things, otherwise do what business. However, I think there is still a big difference in knowing that your career orientation is sales, and that you really realize that what you're going to do is sales.

Feel that they are sales, then go to work to inquire, update the product, follow up the old guests, there is bargaining on the grind. And then see the various masters on the Internet to share the feeling,Wow That's awesome! “。

What do people who really know their purpose is to keep selling, what will they do?

Starting with the development of customers,JAC Studies "Who's buying it? ”

(Find target customers, research target customers)

"Why would you buy it? ”

(Study customer needs, find customers ' buying points).

What do you do when you find a customer? Study"Why would the client buy it from me?"

(How my selling point fits into the customer's buy points, how to pass it on to the customer)

How to deal with customers

"Japanese-style quotation method" and "Conclusion of Transaction Law")

How to maintain customer relationships ("Post-transaction service system", "old Customer tracking System")


These may sound simple, but they really have to be likeIt is not a simple thing for JAC to do the integration behind it.



All the tricks come around the logic behind them.

If you want to sell, you will want to study your own products, study customer psychology, study how to deal with guests, research how to find a balance between the restrictions given by the boss and the requirements of customers. If you want to keep selling, you will know that you need to understand the key parameters, and you will not feel that they are not your own problems in the customer appeal.

Seen a lot of people complain that the company no one to bring, the boss does not give the platform, customers do not return mail, all kinds of all kinds. These are, of course, unfavorable factors. You can also find all the tricks of the Great gods, which are of course useful, when you carry them out alone. But if you want to really grow, you must first bear in mind the important logic behind, foreign trade business is to continue to sell.

In the face of any problems and any obstacles, always rememberThe purpose of "continuous sales", in this premise, holding the "How to help me continue to sell" mentality to break up the problem, to find the key points, you will find that those problems are not so complex, the road to resolution is more clear. At this point, if you find the right article or guidance, you can find the logic behind other people's skills more quickly and turn it into your own problem-solving skills.

If you want to change, I suggest starting with changing the way thinking patterns change logical ideas.


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