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Baidu Ranking Optimization method
- 2019-03-26-

Baidu Ranking Optimization method

   In the site ranking optimization, Baidu bidding promotion is very fierce, which also allows enterprises to look to SEO natural optimization, but found that today's SEO optimization is not good to do, need to master Baidu fast ranking method. Search engine algorithm update is fast, summed up a complete set of Baidu Ranking optimization fast method, can achieve manual optimization to improve the ranking.

Baidu Fast Ranking method first step: Flow entrance

In Baidu statistics, each site visitors have a visitor identification code, switch IP will not change, which is the search engine to determine whether the user source is true basis. The generation of guest identification code is crawled through cookies, it is recommended that the human click to optimize the ranking of the time must be deleted by cookies, each click to be cleared.

Baidu Fast Ranking method The second step: IP Regional environment

Remind non-regional IP clicks not to be included in the ranking algorithm, limiting some industries.

Baidu Fast Ranking Method third step: clicks

Do fast ranking clicks are research, it is recommended to first look at the word Baidu index is how much. For example, the word ranking on the home page so the number of clicks is the Baidu index of the 10%~15%, the second page is the Baidu index of the 5%~10%. Reminder if the word is ranked on the second page, then you can click on the first day 5% on the line, the back of the slow promotion, the need for gradual.

Baidu Fast Ranking Method step fourth: Bounce rate

This is also the search engine to simulate the normal search behavior of users, so when you do click Can not start by clicking on their own site, you can look for a good click on the ranking of the site, and then close and then click on their own website.

Above for everyone to analyze the Baidu rapid ranking method I believe we have a certain grasp, through artificial manual optimization for the ranking of the promotion and subsequent stability has a great help, fast ranking or as little as possible with software brush ranking, so that the optimization of the ranking will be reduced by the algorithm update, and even affect the operation of the entire site.