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A brief talk on SEO whole station optimization and network Marketing mode as I understand it
- 2018-09-03-

A brief talk on SEO whole station optimization and network Marketing mode as I understand it

In this big era of the internet, all kinds of information are full of lush, which is already an era of network marketing competition, andNetwork Marketing MethodNeutronWhere it is considered that low cost and high efficiency is still the siteSeoWhole stationOptimization

Admittedly, the presentForeign tradePromotional channelsThere are many, from the current popular major from the media platform, to search engines and information platforms of the information flow ads, and then there are higher marketing costs of bidding, but let a lot of people do not see the site this high degree of freedom platform to cooperateSEO Way to do network marketing.

About the websiteSEO Optimization and Network Marketing

First of allSEO optimization and Network Marketing I believe that without the introduction of too many, son of the tear Snow blog is from the site optimization start, and then to the late network marketing and other aspects of a development, and to now in fact almost has been SEO optimization into one of the network marketing methods, because SEO The aim is to make the site in the search engine has a better ranking, so that potential users to discover and find products or services, in order to achieve user consumption conversion.

In fact, I hear a lot of people talking about it every year.SEO development prospects and other topics, to guess what the future will be, Zifan have to say is really idle pain, site optimization is still based on search engine rankings, user experience and content value juxtaposition of the development relationship, no doubt, although said that these two years of endless tide of the media platform has brought some changes, But that's a minimal effect, and it doesn't change the way Volkswagen users look for a product or service, and search engines will still be a big and necessary way and way to find it.

Views on the promotion of network marketing

Zifan first to refute why not very optimistic from the media platform to do network marketing promotion, there are two main reasons, one is because of the major self-media platform itself of various rules and restrictions, can not reasonably be used for marketing and product service types of content release, I believe that as long as used to know ; Another reason is the flow limitations of the major self-media platform, just like WeChat public number is a closed platform, the content of the dissemination of the focus is only on the user, other platforms are nothing more than the client and a website aggregation content just, want to target marketing promotion seems unlikely, And if you want to spread the net in addition to search engines may not have any from the media platform to spell it!

Then continue, is not to say that since the media platform is really not suitable for use, just say that these third-party platform is suitable for auxiliary use, rather than as the main focus of network marketing, such as Baidu Hundred number is very worthy of use, the reason is very simple, Baidu after all, or the current domestic large flow entrance, Their own products and services will have the advantage is inevitable, so the article posted above can have a very good ranking effect, followed by Sohu from the media is also worth using, mainly Baidu on its collection speed and ranking are also very good.

What I understand.SEO Marketing Promotion

SEO essence is for marketing promotion, whether through white hat SEO or black hat SEO means can not be just want to achieve a good ranking, in order to enhance the site traffic and conversion rate, so that potential users in search engines looking for related products can find links to our site, and then click to enter to understand, and then may be consulting, Price and so on on the one hand.

Traditional information sites can take advantage of hot spots to obtain a short period of traffic outbreak, and then through the Alliance advertising and other revenue conversion, and for the site of product services, is the need to do some products or services to rank, but you need to know that all walks of life may have countless sites as competitors, At this time we need the site reasonable layout products in line with the relevant keyword content release and so on to start to do optimization, here is not to expand said, after all, tear snow blog before there are a lot of site-related optimization of the article content.

Today, he wrote this article is to express a point of view, is to let those individual entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises, and even some people in the network promotion work some ideas, do not blindly go to follow the ads of various platforms, not only need to continue to invest a lot of money to get the result is no per person effect, Zifan believes there must have been a lot of people who have met.

A brief summary

Not all products or services are suitable for advertising, certain industries of products or services are relatively cold, even for ordinary people may not have heard, ask such products suitable for bidding and advertising? Obviously there is no point, so you may need more is a product type of site, so that when there is a need for users to find you directly through the search engine, and all you have to do is to improve the content of the site as much as possible, as for the site rankings will become logical.

Say One more thing:SEO is not omnipotent, but is a personal entrepreneur, small and medium-sized enterprises, product sales cost is low, the effect of good social media marketing methods, not one of them.