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After the release of the new article, why Baidu keyword ranking optimization will suddenly disappear?
- 2018-09-06-

After the release of the new article, why Baidu keyword ranking optimization will suddenly disappear?

If you engage in the SEO industry, there has been a period of time, you will often find a problem, when the site content added, Baidu once included, usually give the ranking, may be relatively beyond your expectations, often ranked very far forward, but after a period of time, the corresponding Baidu keyword ranking will suddenly disappear, This is very distressing for many SEO personnel.

So, BaiduKeyword ranking optimizationWhy would it suddenly disappear?

A lot of small partners just learning SEO, very worried about this problem, and began to guess whether my site was punished by Baidu, in fact, is not so.

When a new page is included in Baidu, the search engine will make an initial evaluation of the quality of the page, if the whole station itself weight is higher, usually the ranking of new pages, will be relatively forward.

After a certain amount of time in the search results of the display, may refer to the user's behavior indicators, such as: Point display ratio, click-through Rate, page residence time and other parameters to give two assessments, during this period of time, rankings may fluctuate frequently, or even no ranking.

Of course, this is not a page ranking, after a certain period of time, if your page quality is relatively good, it will return to a reasonable position.

It is also not ruled out that the page content quality is not high, is placed in the low-quality index library situation.

So, as SEO personnel, how do we avoid creating this problem?

1, to create high-quality content

Avoid new content because the content quality is not high, resulting in the page quality rating is too low, and placed in the low-quality library, the relatively good way is to solve this problem at the source, to create original quality content.

Avoid: Plagiarism, pseudo-originality, article collection, shampoo (multiple, multi-paragraph fusion) and other non-original behavior.

2, the right amount of reverse links

When we talk about backlinks, we usually refer to the inner chain and the outside chain, when a new content is released, in addition to the user behavior indicators on its ranking will have an impact, based on the search principle of the relevant indicators of the factor also has a certain role.

Appropriate increase in internal links, as well as some of the higher relevance of the outside chain, is conducive to stabilizing the new content of the keyword ranking optimization, of course, to moderate control of the number of this part of the link, especially the internal chain, do not short-term too much, otherwise counterproductive.

3. Increase the weight transfer entrance

A site each link will be based on different location, page content quality is different, is given different weights, such as: Home navigation weight is relatively high, and high-quality content page weight is also higher.

If you create a new content page that has short-term ranking pressure, then it is necessary for you to add the entry to this new content page on the above weight page, which facilitates the spider's rapid crawling and weight transfer.