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What are the channels for foreign trade promotion? Ii
- 2019-03-28-

What are the channels for foreign trade promotion? Ii

 Channel Two: Exhibitions

Now the group to participate in foreign exhibitors believe that there is no shortage. The general manufacturers will try the "Global Resources" exhibition, there are the United States, Brazil, Hong Kong and other places of the exhibition. There are also manufacturers who will try HKTDC exhibitions.

Global exhibitions are generally 4 days, and then generally 9 square meters, 18 square meters, or special booth. Large manufacturers will generally choose special booth, so as to show foreign customers their strength.

Four days of exhibition, daily exhibition to 30-80 customers (interested), if you are the first time to go to the exhibition, these customer resources may be other manufacturers of customers, depending on whether you are sure to pull over. In this regard, you can take care of them from "creative new products + low prices". If you go to the show often, you are not going to order. Why? You went to tell the customer that you have been there, please rest assured to give you orders, to ensure that customers do not lose is also a very professional and serious issue. Big new orders are really like pink nipples, can not be asked for, so no matter how to respect the various demands of old customers, or in a blink of an twinkling, they are in your competitors that place orders.

At the show you have to have a trick: Booth background to do very creative, product engineers must develop 2-5 kinds of new products, so you say a lot of points, attract customers are also a lot of places. It's easy for customers to remember you, too.

Notes in the exhibition: Please carefully remember your customer's appeal to you, record well, go back can be for the appeal to the customer telephone communication, or take the initiative to invite customers to visit your factory, if the customer came to see the factory, your order is not far away.

Channel Three: SEO

This is a cliché.

If you have a corporate station, then the rankings will be a bit better.

If you are an e-commerce product station, then it is necessary to plan, the main product keywords, do ranking optimization.

In-Station optimization: For small stations, it is not as important as the big stop, but the experience still has to be slowly improved. Export links be careful not to separate weights, or you will be queued longer and more difficult and larger. The promotion link you choose is preferably a category page, preferably do not take the search page to rank; this may not be lined up for a long time. For classification pages, you need to take the initiative to assign keywords, so that with your outer chain to play a role.

Actually, if you're going to really do it,SEO Full Station optimization, It is best to ask a few is to do the ranking of SEO companies.

Off-site optimization: The premise of adequate external chain resources, to maintain a natural increase of 100-200 links a day (the number of included), about three months, your keywords will have a good ranking, natural flow is certainly rising.

Generally a year can be 100 keywords on the Google home page, then know, bring the inquiry and retail orders is very valuable.

An increase in Alexa's rankings will also help you get your resources, making SEO relatively easier to do.

When the natural search, the domain name of search, keyword search ratio is rising, this is SEO maximized.

Domain name search on behalf of old customers in the return to repeat the purchase, keyword search instructions new customers or old customers in the search for keywords to find your optimized page, resulting in clicks or purchases. Key words continue to be in a good position is a very happy thing, not only for the company to bring traffic, but also for their achievements to add a bit of luster.