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What are the channels for foreign trade promotion? A
- 2019-03-27-

What are the channels for foreign trade promotion? A

Engaged in foreign trade sales all want to knowForeign trade promotion channelsWhat, our commonly used foreign trade sales channels are: From the beginning of Alibaba, Amazon, fast selling, Dunhuang, ebay, wish, independent station ... In the current era of e-commerce, have you also accumulated some on SEO, SEM, SNS, EDM and Affiliate promotion and other paid promotion of practical experience?

Below for you to share some of the methods and techniques of foreign trade marketing some experience, foreign trade promotion channels and the company's marketing strategy, model, re-marketing must be complementary.

Channel One: Alibaba and other B2B

About Ali's operation and optimization process, generally one months can be the Ali International station operation is very familiar. The more you work, the luckier, in general, Ali will have a few enquiries every day, but the deal is 1% of the total inquiry, which can produce 3-8 more ideal large orders a year.

If you receive these enquiries and judge that you are interested, you will not hesitate to send an email and call the customer for the inquiry. Generally 2-3 times, the customer will be interested in you! Whether you are English level four and level six, please recharge your Skype for multiple phone communication, the customer will also give you face. The chance of placing an order after hearing your voice is close to the result of communicating for the first time at the show, and the odds of getting it are high.

Aliexpress a few years ago is not so good, since the cancellation of PayPal, can still maintain 10 single day, but now the Aliexpress revamped, a lot of hot, see Facebook Many groups are beginning to discuss the purchase of retail orders on the Aliexpress. Do traditional foreign trade, Ali is still the first choice, "Big Order + retail order", eat all!

Made in China

Traffic comes mainly from China, India, the United States, Russia and Brazil. In addition, the main traffic produced in China comes from Google.com,google.co.in,google.de,yahoo.com. It can be seen that the main investment direction of the English promotion of the B2B platform made in China is Google, Yahoo, Google India, Google Germany. If your main customers are in these countries and channels, China Manufacturing Network is a good choice.

Global Resources

Traffic comes mainly from India, the United States, South Korea, China and South Africa. If your target market is in these countries, global resources Network is a good choice. In addition, Alibaba International station's main traffic comes from Google.com,google.co.in,amazon.com,yahoo.com. It can be seen that global resources, the B2B platform of the main investment direction of English promotion in Google, Google India, Amazon and Yahoo. If your primary target customers are in these channels and countries, global resources are an option worth considering.

Analyze user preferences for B2B platforms in specific countries

According to the data, the countries that search Alibaba.com directly on Google are Ghana, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Pakistan, India, while the countries that search for www.alibaba.com on Google are Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Pakistan, China, Iran and Chile.

So, taken together, the countries that like to search Alibaba's website on Google are Ghana, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Pakistan, India, Iran and Chile.