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Baidu English website promotion optimization difficult to do?
- 2018-09-03-

Baidu English website promotion optimization difficult to do?

Your site needs more backlinks than your competitive site, acquaintance PR value, and good web optimization is possible in theseKeyword ranking optimizationMore than they are ranked in search results. Depending on how competitive these keywords are, your site may still be waiting a certain amount of time to overtake them (this is known as Google Sandbox). Google prefers old websites to old backlinks.

Add the keywords you've identified to the title of the page, and different pages use different keywords. Title tag does not exceed 70 English characters. Add these keywords to the meta description of the Web page. Meta description should not exceed 155 characters. Keywords that appear in Meta description do not have to match exactly the keywords you optimize, as long as the keyword appears in Meta description.

Then add h1 tag to the content page:

Welcome to the enet– keyword

. H1 tag appears the keyword can add a little other text, for dilution processing. Then add those keywords that appear in the title at the beginning of the article, when the keywords need to match exactly. You can add an additional singular or plural variation of the English keyword Word. I usually repeat the keyword 2 times in the section of the article, but don't repeat it too many times.

Only backlinks are made on other sites, and the description of the link contains the keywords you choose and their single and plural changes.