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What are the channels for foreign trade promotion? Three
- 2019-03-29-

What are the channels for foreign trade promotion? Three

Channel Four: SEM

I believe that the general foreign trade e-commerce in the introduction of Google and Bing Advertising, Shenzhen put in a lot of electronic dealers. DX, Focal, Tinydeal, everbuying and so on are innumerable. Yandex Russia's search engine delivery estimates will have to third parties to assist, design backstage is Russian, so generally SEMER is no way to operate.

Google this year reformed the "Dynamic search + search remarketing +PLA (product advertising)", so used to AdWords keyword delivery of children's shoes have to continue to learn Google's new rules.

"Choosing keyword Delivery" has always been the most difficult. Problems faced by keyword delivery:

1, there are clicks do not convert the key words-very popular products have no characteristics;

2, high quality but low flow of keywords-including domain names and some new products;

3, the keyword of the variant, it is possible to add a s or a keyword after the keyword, this conversion will also be very different.

OnKeyword ranking optimizationThe problem will be able to play you around, so do things still have to be grounded, more based on monthly, weekly analysis of product sales data to analyze keywords.

Or you're lazy, you can try using SPYFU and you can see the keywords that the other person is running ads on. However, this is not necessarily suitable for you, because each station will have their own transformation of good products, other people's hot products on their own website, is not necessarily suitable or may not have such a conversion effect. This is closely related to in-station optimization and the number of products.


Channel V:Social Media MarketingPromote

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Reddit. Among them, there is no doubt that

Facebook is the best performing in many community marketing.

Facebook is a must-take place for foreign trade e-commerce, traffic can generally rush to the top ten flow channels.

Twiiter this surface looks very beautiful, in fact, the foreign trade e-commerce business contribution is not significant. Many foreign trade e-commerce has abandoned the promotion of Twiiter.

Pinterest is better for some manufacturers selling clothes or jewelry and other decorations, generally do electronic foreign trade e-commerce in the above also did not be seen how much play. There is a way: find some of the more well-done Pinterest people abroad, help promote your products, promote your products on his page, with tracking can see the effect.