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Analysis of reasons for the decline of site ranking optimization and remedies (Part I)
- 2018-09-29-

Analysis of reasons for the decline of site ranking optimization and remedies (Part I)

1. Reasons for search engines themselves

Search engineRanking optimizationAlgorithms often change slightly, which can affect the ranking of the site more or less, a situation that sometimes recovers in a few days, And sometimes it never recovers.

Solution: For this reason, first to analyze the reasons, and to the large SEO forum or QQ group to understand the search engine algorithm changesOf courseAYouTheThe information you learn can only be used as a reference, and then yourself according to the situationForAnalyze, and try to test the solution, in the course of practice to keep a recordAnd analysis, select the method that is beneficial to keyword ranking optimization.

2, links in the link has the site was K or the reason for the right to decline
    This reason, because there was a website before, because there are two links to the site that areK, oneself is also due to busy, no time often to check the friendship link, resulting in the ranking is the drop of the brush. Later removed these two links, and a new change of two links, the keyword ranking quickly recovered.

Solution: For this reason, we need to spend some time every day to check the links and keyword rankings, and then the K or the right to reduce the link to remove, and inform the other party why to inform, since is the link, focus on friendship, or to tell the other side, sometimes the other side does not know their station was reduced right, you tell him, Is also a good thing, at the same time immediately exchange good links to fill up.

3. Reasons for the fierce competition of key words

We've all heard an old saying."No Retreat", for the keyword ranking is also such, especially the competition is very fierce keyword, others are working very hard to doKeyword ranking optimization, And you still only do some simple maintenance work, which often leads to a decline in keyword rankings.

Solution: For this reason, the solution is simple, and that is that you have to pay
The key to optimizing this keyword with the same effort or greater effort than a competitor
The ranking of words will only rise. To think of this job as a job to improve keyword rankings,
It is not the work of maintaining keyword ranking optimization.

4, optimize the reasons for excessive ranking

This reason is more common causes the keyword ranking to decline, that optimization ranking over the performance of what?Some keyword density is too large, remove or replace a large number of links and so on, so the situation online there are a lot of articles introduced, here is not a description.

SolutionFor this reason, we first have to analyze where to optimize the excess, and then take remedial measures, such as the density is too large, then we can dilute the density, if the outer chain spikes, the latter need to take a stable chain growth method.