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SEO full station optimization includes which common methods
- 2018-09-03-

SeoWhat are the common methods included in the whole station optimization

The focus of site SEO is the optimization of the content of the site article, because the content of the article is the fundamental of a website. Every page of the site should have TDK (title title, description Description, keyword Keywords), need to pay attention to the column of the three elements also to write, and can not be repeated with the home page, the article content is good also add a article topic content of the keyword. Old site content will generally over time, more and more content, resulting in a lot of content can not get a better display, so when we release new articles, we should add old site links (provided that there is relevance), or increase the entry of articles, such as detailed classification tags can be done. The new website can only do one keyword in the early stage, which will make the site become more single-minded, can get the keyword ranking more quickly, after the ranking is stable can gradually add new keywords, if you do more than one at the beginning, and the index of higher keywords is very slow to get ranked, and the ranking cycle is longer. Site column URL path name optimization, in the column naming, should have keyword descriptive, such asSEO Full Station optimization, If it is you, use SEO or optimization to name it? It is clear that "SEO" is heavier than the word "optimization". Of course, this is not a must, depending on what you want to do is that part.

The establishment of the site map sitemap, mainly divided into two formats, one is HTML format to the user to see, the other is the XML format to the search engine to see. Find some good platform to do the site external link construction, here does not ask for fine, or raise a few blogs can also, such as Sina, NetEase, Sohu and so on. Website If there is a message and other interaction, must be controllable, if someone malicious message some bad information will have a great impact on the ranking. The content of the article should be typesetting clearly, the text is rich in content (at least between 5-6 words), the picture Alt property to add relevant information.

Article content of the same keyword should not appear too much, you can change the growth of the tail words or synonyms, must not be stacked with keywords. At the end of the article plus reprint address, original information and other site optimization also has a certain help, such as "original article such as reprint, please indicate the source", "this article original in XXX website", or "this article xxxx responsible editor: XXX". TAG tags, should have the strategy to add, rather than blindly casually added, such as I wrote an article about the server, the creation of the server tag, the results will not be updated on the server related content, resulting in the Server tag page quality is low. So should be the strategy to add tag, such as I nearly a few days, several articles are about this tag theme, in short, we must ensure that the content of the page is not too little too long. When writing an article, the title of the article appears as many keywords as possible.

A keyword appears at the beginning of the article, which can also be displayed in the introduction to the article content of the list page, and is also helpful for site optimization. A keyword appears at the end of the article to confirm the subject of the article. Stick to it! Stick to it! If SEO novice get started, can quickly grasp the above 15 site optimization skills, then believe that your site ranking cycle will be greatly shortened, and if you can really understand the SEO so-called adhere to the principle, then in the Site SEO optimization, you will have a great metamorphosis.

First, familiar with the working principle of search engine:

Website optimization, we must be clear about how the search engine works, after all, SEO is for search engine operations, search engines are generally composed of the following modules drop:

1: Crawl Module

2: Filter Module

3: Included modules

4, sorting module.

Learn the SEO technology of these modules, search engine working principle encountered some problems when you can know the cause of the problem.

Second, learn the SEO noun Daquan

As a SEO people common nouns must be well known, in the later article, we will constantly update the SEO noun interpretation of the article update.

Third, choose the domain name and space that are conducive to optimization

To optimize the site, from the beginning of the site to do a good job of optimization preparation, including domain name and space-related knowledge, but also need to learn, a good domain name and space, and domain names and space for our site optimization also plays a very important role, so in the site domain name and space choice is necessary to pay attention to. Later we will write a detailed article on the choice of domain name and space.

Four, SEO commonly used tools

Want to learn SEO, some commonly used SEO tools to understand, such as webmaster Tools, SEO Comprehensive query, Baidu Weight query, keyword mining, search engine spiders, robot simulation tools, Baidu Webmaster platform and so on. SEO commonly used tools to use the way also to master.

Five, do a good job of mobile adaptation

We do a good job after a website, in order to improve the user's mobile search results browsing experience, we must do a good job of mobile adaptation function.

Vi. Submit a link

Also pay attention to submit want to be included in Baidu links, Baidu search engine will be processed according to the standard, to be included, to note that Baidu will not necessarily include our submitted links.

Submit links have proactive push, and submit Sitemap. At the same time, our website generated dead links to submit, if Baidu found that a site's dead chain received more, then it is very likely to the site to deal with the right to reduce. If our site because of the revision or content adjustment caused by a large number of dead links to the site, then Baidu should submit a dead link, so that Baidu can quickly speed up the time to clear.

Vii. Operation of website optimization

What are the basic tasks that need to be done in the operation of site optimization? Here are a few points:

1, the development of the strategy: through data analysis of user needs and competitors, to find out the breakthrough of SEO optimization.

2, keyword mining: According to user needs and SEO optimization of the breakthrough for keyword mining.

3, the site building: In accordance with the strategic objectives, there is a planned development of the website construction Framework, the site is built into several steps: navigation design, page frame, OK sketch, design settings display. After the site is built, you can set the navigation, home page, catalog page, the title and URL of the inner page according to the framework we designed earlier, and you can also start populating the content to the site according to the content frame.

4, Optimization strategy development: First of all, strategy making is a SEO basic operation must do a good job. The so-called strategy is designed to meet all the search needs of users of our site through data analysis, and to find the right SEO optimization direction by comparing competitors. Strategy development is divided into four parts. I'll keep updating it later in the article. The competitive power of the user's needs the bad guy analyzes the opponent's breakthrough. Determine the breakthrough, it shows that our SEO project is operable.

Viii. Excavation of keywords

So the next job is to dig the keywords, and here are some common keyword mining tools:

1: Baidu drop-down box

2: Baidu related search

3: Baidu Index

4: Baidu Promotion Assistant

5: Industry Q & amp; a platform and so on.

Ix. in-Station optimization

The following are some of the tasks that need to be done in the early stages of SEO whole station optimization:

1: Content Updates

2: List the content outline

3: Optimize the title:

4, improve the content.

X. Promotion and optimization outside the station

The next step is to send high quality outer chains. There is also a marketing promotion work. Marketing promotion work includes QQ Marketing, Baidu Library marketing, Baidu know marketing, as well as Baidu paste bar marketing, blog marketing and so on.

The person who asks this question is also in order to learn SEO well, the intention can learn SEO technology after asking this question, see here is not found this SEO ten optimization method seems to learn, but still do not know how to do? In this I would like to affirm that SEO full station optimization method is not few words 10,000 words 20,000 words can be answered , The method, including not only the execution method, but also the thinking strategy, I can only lament the profound Chinese culture, and the people who ask questions because of the shortness of knowledge and appear to ask the question is so superficial. If you want to learn SEO is you ask a "SEO method has what can solve"? This question contains thousands of questions, think I said before peeling onions, ask the person is easy, ask the person ah, you have considered to answer this question people's feelings? O (∩_∩) O hahaha ~ study hard, day by day, the depth of SEO technology is like Taohuatan water depth of thousands of feet, if you really want to learn SEO as soon as possible than to enroll in SEO system training courses come quickly. May you self-study SEO people to follow through.