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What are the channels for foreign trade promotion? Four
- 2019-03-30-

What are the channels for foreign trade promotion? Four


Channel Six: EDM

EDM sending platform has several: Si qi, Webpower, Emars and so on. Once we have used, but in fact, the effect is not divided up and down, domestic or recommended to use Webpower, foreign can use emars, more professional, but a little expensive.

With regard to EDM, this more popular, many people have seen the EDM of the form design, but back to the original point, still depends on the opening rate and the order conversion rate. This is undoubtedly one of the most direct channels for generating orders.


Channel VII: Affiliate

Shareasale, Linkshare, Webgain, CJ, these four foreign alliances are foreign trade e-commerce compared to the favorite Alliance promotion. Alliance Original is an excellent promotion, just the Alliance website is willing to promote for you, it can not only bring clicks and traffic, but also for brand communication.

Watch out: The alliance is a lot of illegal promotion, there is a need to monitor, affiliate websites or use PPC to advertise your domain name to get orders, this has to constantly monitor and stop them. It is necessary to remove them directly and not let them become your affiliate site.

The orders brought by the Affiliate site are also very impressive, but it is necessary to optimize them one step at a point. Such as the idea of a plan, the issuance of coupons, as well as a variety of seasonal activities, and so on, all have to spend a lot of energy.


Why have an independent foreign trade website of your own

First, the role of independent stations in foreign trade

1. Independent stations are the base for foreign trade enterprises to carry out marketing through the internet。 Independent station PromotionCan expand the strong marketing, sales, customer maintenance and after-sales functions.

2. Independent station is a business card of foreign trade enterprises. Establish the corporate image, and then enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

3. Marketing in the foreign trade industry is more difficult than other industries, whether it is an exhibition or a field visit, the cost is unusually high, so that many small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises are overwhelmed. Foreign trade independent website in marketing has a very obvious cost advantage.

4. Increase the transaction probability. Foreign trade website can display products and equipment in many forms, and can be updated and adjusted at any time without restriction, more convenient to show strength, promote transaction.


II. limitations of the platform

Many enterprises do foreign trade when will consider the choice of some foreign trade platform, this idea is also very clear, not only these points: 1, easy to enter; 2, there is a certain flow of traffic; 3, there is a certain transaction guarantee mechanism.

The platform also has its limitations:

1. Each platform has its own rules of the game, in which case many marketing techniques will be subject to a variety of limitations.

2. Competitive pressure among peers within the platform is very high and highly concentrated. The platform's high-quality source of customers tend to focus on the top one or two, and new companies are difficult to obtain natural traffic, can only spend a lot of money to rely on the platform's marketing. Marketing costs are even higher than traditional marketing techniques.

3. The platform is a form of leasing, after all, is not a foreign trade enterprises. It is difficult to accumulate effective customer resources on the platform.

On the platform, the cost of selecting a supplier for the customer is very low, the dynamic finger is OK, so the conversion rate will be very low.


Iii. Advantages of independent websites

1. The content of the independent website is entirely in its own hands, can be freely adjusted and updated, can maximize their competitive advantage, hide their weaknesses. Better reflect the enterprise's own brand image and strength, so that customers to the enterprise to produce brand recognition and trust.

2. Independent Foreign Trade website marketing methods are not limited by the rules, very flexible, can quickly follow up on a variety of marketing techniques that are still in the dividend period, and each point of marketing advantage has strengthened the probability of a transaction.

3. For foreign trade enterprises, customer resources are always the most valuable. The data resources of customers converted from their own independent websites belong entirely to themselves. The importance of customer resources is no longer more than words, customers alone on the site access data, are very valuable, which is the whole marketing model analysis and improvement of the basis.