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Major upgrade of Foreign Trade Express: Instant Messaging function online
- 2018-09-03-

Major upgrade of Foreign Trade Express: Instant Messaging function online

Along with the development of mobile Internet and the gradual popularization of smartphones, the way people communicate with each other is also undergoing obvious changes, the social communication software on smartphones is changing people's communication habits. Not only the communication between individuals, has been the email and telephone-led business communication, but also gradually to the instant communication software migration. The same is true of international trade communication.

Si Yi-ouForeign Trade ExpressR & amp; d team, has been advancing with the times, according to the needs and habits of foreign trade users and international buyers to update product features, experience and results. Facing the change of communication mode in the mobile era, and the trend of information fragmentation, after several months of testing and use by dozens of users, the foreign Trade Express launched the Instant Messaging function in July 2018.

Foreign Trade Express Instant Messaging function online before, the intended purchaser after browsing the product details, you can send the inquiry through the inquiry box at the bottom of the page, or by clicking on the mailbox on the website to send an inquiry in the form of an email. Inquiries sent through the page inquiry box, foreign Trade express users, that is, domestic suppliers, only in the foreign trade express backstage or see the Foreign Trade Express App prompt, can be in the form of email reply processing. Inquiries sent via email can also be processed only after the vendor has logged into the mailbox backstage. This is a communication that needs to go through multiple steps and a relatively long time before it can be completed, and if the vendor is not handled in a timely manner, it is possible to miss out on significant business opportunities.

Foreign Trade Express Instant Messaging function online, the intended purchaser after browsing the product details, just click on the CHAT NOW button to send the inquiry, while the supplier in the foreign Trade express APP can instantly reply, buyers and sellers do not need to download any instant Messaging software can achieve instant communication, Communication experience and efficiency have been greatly enhanced. Buyers don't have to wait, and vendors don't miss out on any possible business opportunities.

Instant Messaging function Operation Details:

Buyers log on to the website, go to the Website product list (click "Product"), click "Chat Now", pop up the input mailbox window, click "Skip", you can enter the real-time chat interface.(If you choose the email communication method, please enter your email address and then click "Chat Now ")

Merchants can directly in the background of the computer to reply to the inquiry, if the purchaser chooses to contact the mail, backstage will receive directly from the purchaser'sIP address, email address, and message content. Avoid errors and omissions, instant Messaging features also have cloud records to record real-time information, and if you don't see a message record in the message box, you can query it in the upper-right corner of the dialog box.

APP Operation Showcase:

Open the Foreign Trade Express APP and click on the message bar below to view messages from buyers.(If the purchaser chooses to contact the mailbox, the background chat interface displaysIP address, email address, and information. )

Special tip: Mobile APP needs to turn on the message prompt function in case you miss the buyer's instant message!

Today's era, but also an era of information fragmentation, the rise of e-commerce has also brought the fragmentation of commercial orders, can be keenly grasp the information and can be timely and efficient processing of information merchants, in order to win customers in the fierce competition, access to orders. The same is true of international trade.