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Analysis of reasons for the decline of site ranking optimization and remedies (Part I)
- 2018-09-29-

Analysis of reasons for the decline of site ranking optimization and remedies (Part I)

5,A large number of reasons to include the deletion of the outer chain

Search Engine Ranking OptimizationData will be updated for a period of time, the original page of the outer chain does not exist, garbage outside the chain, the content of the outer chain is very high repetition and so on, will cause the searchCitedOptimus Delete included outside the chain, if only a small number of deletion, for the ranking is no impact, if the number is very large, it will cause the site keyword ranking decline.
    Solution: Do not use software mass garbage outside the chain, garbage outside the chain may be a bit useful, once the search engine big cleaning garbage outside the chain, the consequences are unthinkable. The original page of the outer chain does not exist, this if the impact ranking,OneLike the chain is more concentrated in a few sites, once one or several of these sites stop running, or the site switch, and so on, resulting in a large number of outside the chain disappeared, that out of the chain will be extensive and diversified, Don't focus onA few places out of the chain. As for the external chain content repetition is very high solution, do not take a certain number of content over, again's re-hair, but also pay attention to the originality of the content of the outside chain.
6. Reasons for server instability
    Website server often can not open or speed super slow, will lead to the site is reduced right, so that the site keyword ranking down.

Solution: The solution to this reason is to switch to a stable and fast server.
7. Reasons for the revision of the website
    Website revision will also lead to a decline in keyword rankings on the site, Especially what kind of URL has changed the revision, that ranking is more healthy.
    Solution: Website revision when try not to change the URL, and the revision as far as possible step by step, first change the inside page, and then change the column page, and then change the home page. At the same time also to do a good job of new and old version of the connection.
8. Reasons for improper content updates
    The content is not updated properly, think there are two main reasons leading to the decline in keyword rankings, one isAdd a lot of content that is not relevant to the site theme, The other isCollection of a large amount of content
    Solution: Delete collected or unrelated content, and then adhere to a stable update of the original content associated with the site.
9, brush the reason for keyword ranking
RecentFound that many sites have brush ranking situation, in fact, this is very dangerous, if the search engine found or reported, and you do not continue to brush will lead to a decline in the rankings.
    Solution: If this situation is found or reported, it is estimated that the website to change the domain name to do again. If you just don't continue brushing to cause a drop, you can also work hard to put the key
The word rankings go up.
10, the reason for the website cheating
    This situation is also very common, many people quick success, the use of some cheating means to rank, once found by search engines or reported by people, that site will die without burial place. Therefore, we suggest that we do not take the method of cheating to do.
    Solution: The website changed the domain name to do again.
11. Reasons why websites are maliciously attacked by competitors
    There are many reasons for being maliciously attacked, so it is not elaborated.
    Solution: Develop the habit of regularly viewing and analyzing website logs and traffic statistics,Can be detected in time by malicious attack.