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Why should the website do SEO whole station optimization?
- 2018-09-03-

Why should the website do SEO whole station optimization?

Why the site should doSeoWhole Station optimization? Many entrepreneurs on the Internet understand that having a separate website is the first step in opening their own service brand, but they don't know why to do itSeo.

SEO is an abbreviation for English Search Engine Optimization, Chinese translation "Search engineRankingOptimization”。 Simply put, SEO refers to the technology and process of obtaining website traffic from natural search results. Strictly speaking, SEO refers to the search engine natural ranking mechanism on the basis of the site for internal and external adjustment and optimization, improve the site in the search engine keyword natural ranking, access to more traffic, so as to achieve the goal of website sales and brand building.

Obtaining and improving keywords natural ranking is one of the performance of SEO effect, but the aim is to get search traffic, no traffic ranking is meaningless. Therefore, keyword selection and the content of the site are important. Further said, SEO is the pursuit of target traffic, can bring profit to the flow.

  We do a good job of a website, the main goal or to complete the transformation, to achieve direct sales, advertising click or brand building purposes.SEO, ranking, traffic are all means. SEO is a part of network marketing, encounter with the user experience, business processes and other conflicts, all to complete more into the high principle, must not be SEO and SEO.

SEO is currently to the site to bring visitors the preferred method, there is no "one."

Although there are other website promotion methods used at that time the effect is extraordinary. Overall, though, there is no other way to be as appealing as SEO:

• High search traffic quality. Many ways are to push the site to the user's eyes, the user did not have access to your site intent. Users from the search are actively looking for your site and the products, information on your site, the goal is very accurate, high conversion rate.

• Cost-effective. SEO is by no means free, but it is relatively low cost, especially when the webmaster knows SEO technology.

• Scalability. As long as you have mastered the keyword selection and content original extension method, the website can constantly increase the target keyword and traffic, but also can continue to build a new website.

• Long-term effectiveness. Network display ads, PPC (click paid ads) once stop running, traffic stops immediately. Event marketing effect is obvious, but the topic in the past, traffic also disappeared. And as long as you do not cheat, search rankings once up, can be maintained for a long time, a steady flow of traffic.

• Improve website Ease of use and improve the user experience. SEO is one of the few promotional methods that must be modified to implement the site, and many of the requirements of SEO on the page are connected with the ease of use and user experience.

SEO's research object is the natural ranking part of the search engine results page, which usually has 10 locations per page, which is not directly related to paid search ads.

In addition to Instant messaging tools, users are common search engines, more than watching news, listening to music, watching videos and email. In a sense, search engines have become a habit, a way of life, and become an important way for many people to get information. With the search engine, we do not even use the English dictionary, encountered the words can not be remembered, Baidu into Chinese, Baidu will tell us the correct spelling.

Combined with your life examples, such as our intention to travel to the seaside, we are looking for hotels in the search engine bar into the "seaside accommodation", the following out of the relevant results identified as Baidu Snapshot is the SEO display results. For example, "http://www.rzwbbh.com/" the station through SEO technology to do the "seaside accommodation" keyword ranking, search engine display effect as follows:

SEO through the search engine, to help enterprises in a short period of time to make users of the site in search engines to obtain a large number of keywords stable natural ranking, for the user's website to obtain a large number of traffic, so that enterprise products to obtain a large number of exposure and quality inquiries, and into a real order.