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The view that the network company has been not up to standard in the optimization of website ranking
- 2019-03-25-

The view that the network company has been not up to standard in the optimization of website ranking


Seeing those sites with high ranking sites, we will have some ideas more or less, after all, we do a lot of things every daySite rankingOptimization, Why my site rankings are not going, or optimized for a long time but there is not much effect, these are universal customer problems, then the site has not been ranked for a long period of time what is the reason, network companies to help you answer this question.


1, the opening speed of the website

Some webmasters may be because of the "thrifty" good character, the purchase of cheap server poor host to build the site, resulting in the site after half a day can not open the site of the page, open a page of the site will take a long time to wait. And search engine crawler is to imitate the user access a process, when the search engine crawler crawl any site page takes a long time to get a response, imagine the site can still get a better ranking? can be crawled by the search engine will be good, but also think of the site to get a better ranking? A better site to optimize, There are no more than 3 seconds to open any page, and of course there are occasional special pages with exceptions, but overall the site does not open and respond for more than 3 seconds.

2, the optimization of more keywords, resulting in the theme dispersion

SEO optimization recommendations for the site optimization of the keyword, home optimization of the core keywords within the 3--8, the internal page optimization of the keyword in 2--4. If the optimization of keywords more, easy to lead to site optimization of the theme is more dispersed, but also lead to the site optimization of the keyword density reduction, resulting in the site's weight value dispersion and can not get a better keyword ranking.

3, the key words of the index is higher

For some new sites or sites that have not been optimized for a long time, to put aKeyword ranking optimizationHigher site optimization keywords in a relatively short period of time to optimize the ranking is a difficult thing to do, whether it is a personal webmaster or Enterprise website optimization extension Personnel is not an easy thing, but also need the site optimization extension staff to pay more hard work and long-term optimization of the promotion. At the same time for the site optimization of the Core keyword index is higher or optimized keyword index is low, the site around the need to optimize the keyword and match the long tail keyword content is relatively small, even if the site for a long time on the theme of decentralized optimization update content and operation maintenance, it is difficult to the site's optimization keyword ranking to do, After all, the site's keyword density is relatively reduced, and some large platforms or maintenance operations for a long time platform, the site's keyword ranking still has no advantage, it is difficult to get the ranking.

4, the site optimization is poor

The poor optimization of the website is mainly manifested in the use of H tags is not standard, page code redundancy is cumbersome and messy, nofollow label use is not standard, crumb navigation or page navigation is more complex, the site repeats more pages, robots block search engine Crawl page content, URL is not uniform, site 404 pages More, The site is not set up for 301 redirection, and so on. These factors are the reason for the poor optimization of a website, but also search engine for the site rankings, consider some important basic factors.

5, the content of the site is poor quality or collection of more content

Many as the site's optimization promoters, may need to optimize the promotion of many websites, do not have the time and energy to work on the content quality of the site, the content of the site is through the network collection and roughing to publish to the site, resulting in poor quality of the site content and can not obtain a higher ranking, At the same time in the network to collect more content of the release, even if the site in the short term to obtain a certain ranking, but in the search engine weekly analysis and comparison of the index data content and user access to carry out a comprehensive analysis, will eliminate some of the site's keyword ranking. In particular, the long-term collection of Internet content information sites, search engines will reduce the ranking of their site optimization keywords.

These details need to be carefully read, understand, do not look just a small aspect, but it is likely to affect the optimization of the entire site, speaking of which I believe that the site has not been ranked for a long time there is a corresponding understanding, then combined with our own website to make some adjustments, should have a good feedback.