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Title label SEO full station optimization tips
- 2018-09-19-

Title label seo Full Station optimization tips

Title label content is a summary of the theme of the page, Title label optimization is one of the important content of SEO, the page relevance has a decisive impact. In the preparation of the title content, to achieve a prominent theme, concise content. Below Fat brother real-time sharing title Tag SEO optimization technology.

Title tagsSeoWhole stationOptimizationTechnology includes title length control, keyWordDistribution, keyword word frequency and keyword combination techniques, etc..

From the introduction above, We know that the title of the summary information in the search results comes mainly from the title content of the page. But in order to improve the user experience of the page, the search engine will take all or part of the important content from the page title to the user according to the actual situation, which will make a difference in different search engines. For example, The headline length of the summary information in Google search results is generally around 70B, while Baidu is only about 56B, and content beyond that range will be omitted. In fact, in order to show the user a more complete title, the search engine will adjust according to the actual situation of the page accordingly.

 Search engineRanking optimizationThere is a limit to the length of the page titleAlthough this does not mean that search engines will ignore that part of the limit, at least it shows that search engines do not value this part. You should limit the length of the title content to 28 Chinese characters (56 English characters), or let the relatively important content appear in this range.

The title content of the page, As long as you can express the theme of the page. Too many keywords will only spread the center of the title, reducing the relevance of the page, especially when multiple meaningless keywords appear at the same time.

The essentialWordDistribution

The essentialWordDistribution refers to where the keyword appears in the titleMany people like to put the name of the company or website in front of the title, especially the home page of the website. From a search engine optimization perspective, this is a very unwise approach (if your company or website name is the keyword you want to optimize, it's a different story).

When the search engine analyzes the page, Which is done from top to bottom in the HTML source code, and the title content is the information that appears in the Web page. Adding the main keyword of the page at the beginning of the title content can effectively highlight the theme of the page and improve page dependencies.

Keyword Word frequency

Many people think that the bigger the main keyword word in the title, the better., Keep repeating the keyword in the title. For example: the title label of a website's mobile channel and home page is as follows:

As a matter of fact, No matter where the page is located, the word frequency of the main keyword is not the bigger the better, but there is a certain limit. The main keyword appears within 3 times in the title content, and it is reasonable for each secondary keyword to appear only 1 times.

InTitle tags in SEO optimization. Even if the main, auxiliary keywords and word frequency are the same, the expression is different

Keyword Combination tips

Title tags the end of SEO optimization is to realize the combination and separation of keywords in the title. When describing URL optimization, we separate and combine the names of the various components of the URL by separators to expand the meaning of the URL. Again, in the title, We can also separate and expand the meaning of the title by separating and combining multiple keywords in the title.

There may be multiple secondary keywords in a page at the same time, If the main and auxiliary keywords are listed in the title, it will cause the main keyword words are too large. For example, the main keyword "mobile phone" and auxiliary keyword "mobile quote", "mobile phone picture", "mobile phone evaluation", "Mobile forum", if these keywords are listed in the title, the keyword "phone" word frequency will be too large

So, How can we not only control the word frequency of the main keyword "mobile phone" in the title content in a reasonable range, but also express all the auxiliary keywords? This requires the use of separators to combine primary and secondary keywords in the title content

If there are fewer secondary keywords on the page, All the main and auxiliary keywords are listed in the title, not only can make the word frequency of the main keyword in the title more reasonable, but also increase the meaning of similar auxiliary keywords, so as to improve the probability of page retrieval.

InThe separators commonly used in title tags include vertical bars "_, spaces" and commas ".