English website production seo what to do
- 2018-08-31-

English website production seo what to do

Because the Chinese and English languages are different,English website productionSEO has some differences, because both Chinese and English websites are based on search engines to do SEO, so the principle of optimization and even most of the optimization methods are connected.

Make a Chinese websiteSEO or do English foreign Trade website SEO, there are some basic SEO technology placed in the site, is a must and necessary, of course, this request can also be more clearly clear, some large search engines to determine the quality of the site is roughly the same, but some details of the difference, typical of the outside chain, High-quality content construction, website structure optimization and so on.

Well, refine down the English siteWhat refined optimizations should seo do? What exactly should be done?

First, the choice of domain name.

Try to be brief and try not to use the middle of the domain name"-" Separator.

Second, the choice of space.

Choose a good domain name quotient space, website speed for the site evaluation and scoring station ratio is not low, the user experience is also a benefit, Google search engine is particularly important.

Third, the use of weight labels.

For Google,H1,H2, still has a role to play. The standardization of Web pages, H tags hierarchical, will also be more conducive to the ranking of keywords.

Four: Optimization of website structure.

Flat site structure We know that the site structure is divided into tree directory system and flat structure system, generally have multi-level classification of the site will use tree directory structure, and for the General English site, it is recommended to use a flat structure system. For an English website to optimize the structure of the English site, the link level should not be too deep, generally do not exceed three layers, because the hierarchy is too deep, engine spiders do not easily crawl to the inside and content, which for the English siteSEO optimization is very unfavorable.

Five:Optimized processing of URLS.

Google and Baidu are similar, not happy longURL, not happy with the Chinese URL, this Google is particularly prominent, with a Chinese will also make foreigners very embarrassed, can not understand you know? English site optimization is mainly to do Google, so we want to use Google's preferences to name URLS even in English words.

Six: high-quality article content.

In general, search engines are more inclined to comprehensive and rich content, such as: more words, high readability, graphic combination, with video explanation, related knowledge point expansion, etc., will become a plus point, more easily favored by search engines.

VII. website opening speed optimization. Access speed does not hinder the English site is afraid that the site is not open or open speed is very slow or unstable, and delayed their own orders. Therefore, the webmaster in the English site will generally choose foreign host, as we all know, in the foreign host called on the tip of the pyramid isHostEase host, access speed is not hindered and fairly stable, basically there is no risk of downtime, HostEase host to solve the webmaster has been worried about the problem.

Viii. Layout of content keywords.

Add sub-items, such as: page content appears keywords, internal chain appears keywords, outside the chain appears keywords, correlation vocabulary links.

Ix. frequency of website updates.

Frequently update the site whether it is Chinese website or English website often update the site is very necessary, search engines on those update more mundane sites are more like, often update the site can improve the frequency of spider access, speed up the site's page collection. Can also let users often see the new information of your site, in short, the daily update of the site and 10 days do not update the site compared to, if you are a search engine which one would you like?? This is self-evident.

Ten, the website anti-chain.

In Google, the outside chain still occupies a very important position, although Google introduced the corresponding algorithm to weaken, but the role of the outside chain can not be ignored. The main points of attention: the number of anti-chain, anchor text anti-chain number, domain name outside the chain number, news station anti-chain number, anti-chain domain name age, etc. these are bonus points.

Xi. submit the website to the major search engines.

Submitted to the website, search engine is to letGoogle and other major search engines to include the necessary steps of your site, the benefits of doing so on the one hand is to accelerate search engine crawl to include your site, search engine ranking optimization, but also to give you a lot of traffic and backlinks. Since there are so many benefits, why don't we?

12. Bonus points for social media.

AlthoughGoogle has always denied that social media data is used in ranking algorithms, but social media feedback data, search engines may still be used as a reference for website ratings. For example, Facebook, google+ and other times to share some likes.

13, Site map submission.

Sitemap.xml format is still mainstream, Google is also the same, do a good job of map submission, is also the key to improve the collection.

From a large point of view, how to do BaiduSEO, how to do Google seo, this method (the details of some differences) to apply down, the problem will not be big.

Here, some English websites are recommendedSEO tools, including but not limited to:

1, seobook English keyword analysis tools.

2, Google Webmaster platform.

3, Traffic Travis,seo analysis Tools

4, Firefox browser SEO related plug-ins, such as: Highlight Nofollow link.

5, Xenu link sleuth, dead chain detection.

6, backlinkwatch.com, anti-chain detection.

SEO Tutorial Self-study network reviews:

Because of the large search engine, many of its algorithms are similar, that is, the site's various score decisions are connected, in this case, we can easily find some of the impact of English site keywordsSEO optimization of the impact points such as the outer chain anchor text, and at these points to focus on construction. A lot of people think Google Seo is easier, don't you think?