Google officially online: page speed affects mobile search engine ranking optimization
- 2018-08-31-

Google officially online: page speed affects mobile search engine ranking optimization

AccordingSE Roubdtable reports that Google recently posted on the official Twitter account: The algorithm update, known as Speed Update (Speed update), that is, the page speed affects the mobile search ranking algorithm, is fully online.

Rather, this update should be called a move speed update,Mobile Speed Update Because this is ranked for mobile pages and mobile search.

DoSEO is sure to know that page opening speed is one of the search ranking factors, Google and Baidu are the same. Google took page speed as one of the ranking algorithm factors as early as April 2010 published and began. However, page speed is only a small factor in the ranking algorithm, affecting only 1% of the query rankings, only the speed of really very, very slow pages will be affected.

But it's a little confusing, until today, fromThe page speed impact ranking that began in 2010 refers to PC search and PC page opening speed, not mobile search.

For the past two or three months,Google has switched to a mobile priority index for sites that meet the criteria, and most of my sites have seen notifications in Google Search Console and have moved to the mobile priority index, which is where Google started indexing the mobile version of the site, rather than the PC version, as the basis for the rankings.

So far, the speed of moving pages is not a search ranking factor.Google is starting to rank again using the Mobile page index, so the page speed of sites that turn to mobile priority indexing does not affectSearchEngineRankingOptimizationA Mobile search rankings look at it.The speed of the PC page. Does that sound a little illogical? Mobile search and mobile pages need to consider page speed.

SoGoogle posted in January that it was considering the issue and would use page speed as a ranking factor for mobile search in July. The algorithm is online today as scheduled.

There are several points worth noting about this speed update:

Only very slow pages are affected

Affects only a small number of query words

It is important to satisfy the intent of the query, so if there is good, relevant content, very slow pages will still have a good ranking

Fast speed is not a bonus factor, so the speed is already good page, even if the speed is improved faster, will not improve the ranking

Those very slow pages affected, the speed of a certain improvement will make the ranking a great boost

PC index or use PC page speed

Therefore, if the reader's English site in this two-day ranking and traffic, especially mobile search, there is a relatively large reduction, may be because the mobile page speed is too slow. If there is a boost, it may be that the competitor page in front of it is too slow to be downgraded.

Now mobile search is the center of gravity of all search engines, and so is Baidu, or more so. Attended last week2018 Xiamen MadCon Conference and Baidu Search salon, Baidu now push the Bear paw number is also for mobile search, PC search things are now basically not mentioned.

The reason is also very simple, the number of mobile search queries more thanPC-Side search. The following figure is a worldwide share of mobile search and PC search over the past 2 years:

Roughly fromOctober 2016 mobile search query volume across the PC search. The current mobile search share is 52.36%.

The following figure is the past2 years China Mobile search and PC search ratio:

China Mobile searches more thanThe number of PC search queries is earlier, and the mobile search ratio is higher. At present, China Mobile search account for 65.53%, much higher than the global scope, which may also be Baidu on mobile search more interested in one of the reasons.