Optimization strategy of spatial domain name selection for SEO Whole station optimization
- 2018-08-31-

Optimization strategy of space domain name selection in SEO

For a betterSEO Full Station optimization, We must choose the applicable space and domain name, to choose the applicable space and domain name, we must first understand what is space and domain name.

One, what is space?

The so-called space, in fact, is the server, the server is like a room, pictures, files can not hang in mid-air, there must be a place to store them, then the server opened his door, the pictures, documents accepted in, so that these pictures, documents have a refuge.

Second, the type of server

There are several types of rooms in the hotel: Presidential Suite, Executive room, luxury music, business room, etc., the same server, it also has several kinds, there are virtual hosts,VPS host, independent host, cloud host and so on. So how do we choose the right server for us?

First, according to the development of the website and the situation of capital investment, select the host type. If a personal site can use a virtual host, the price is cheap, it is like a person living in a small single room on the line, but many people crammed into a single room will appear crowded. Although the virtual host is cheap, but it is not fast, management is not very convenient; VPS host Price is not high and has a separate operating system, can be independently managed, suitable for some small company websites or newly established enterprises, in the economic, these small companies or enterprises also bear the beginning; Independent host is generally sufficient funds or large-scale website use, can buy their own, can also be escrow. Stand-alone hosts are completely free, easy to manage, faster and safer; just as we have enough money to buy a big villa, we can do whatever we want, take care of ourselves, find someone to take care of, as long as I am happy, I can do whatever I want. Cloud hosts are more expensive than VPS hosts, but cloud hosts are more efficient, faster, and data recovery is easier, and many large websites are building their own cloud hosts.

The server can also be divided into domestic servers and foreign servers according to the region, we often choose the domestic server or foreign server according to the needs of our own construction station, while the domestic server and the foreign server are very different, and what are the specific?

1, filing

As we all know, the current management of the Internet by China's Ministry of MIIT is limited to domestic Internet service providers can be forcibly controlled, but to foreign Internet service providers are unable to control. Therefore, domestic servers must go through a cumbersome filing procedures to be able to use, and foreign servers are not required to file.

2, speed

Domestic users to visit the domestic website speed is relatively fast, because the distance is relatively close. However, if the operation of foreign trade business, access to overseas websites, different regions to access the same site speed is not the same, because of the different regions, the speed of access will be different, remote areas will appear to drop packets, delays and other conditions, so frequent visits to overseas websites, or the choice of foreign servers is better.

3, computer room environment

The environment and management system of foreign computer room are still different from the environment and management system of domestic computer room. In general, foreign computer rooms, whether from hardware equipment or software facilities are more advanced than domestic computer rooms, and foreign computer room management system is very strict, in accordance with the provisions of the implementation. They follow the principle of doing things, and the domestic machine room operators are a bit of a human touch. For example, the customer machine expiration, generally delayed a day or two, the domestic machine room will not be turned off, but the offshore computer room is different, they set up a management system, if the expiration of the day does not renew, then the next day the machine will be off the shelf recycling.

4, bandwidth

The bandwidth resources outside the country are much better than those of the domestic computer room, such as the bandwidth resources of the American server.10M Exclusive or 100M exclusive, as well as 1000M exclusive, so buy foreign servers do not have to worry about bandwidth issues at all.

5, Price

Foreign host market mature norms, network technology high-end, so the price of foreign virtual host is relatively cheap. In terms of price, the domestic virtual host is unable to compare with the foreign virtual host. Therefore, if you want cost-effective host products, you can consider foreign host products.

Third, what is the domain name and choose the domain name to pay attention to what

A domain name is the equivalent of a person's name, and it is easy for someone else to find it through this person's name., Through a domain name we can easily access the site, and through the domain name can easily remember your site; Simply put, a domain name is actually the name of a website.

How to choose a better domain name is more conducive toSEO optimization? One is to be related to the theme of the site, you can not choose a domain name and the theme of the site eight life is not a little bit of a relationship. Second, to remember, the modern people are so busy, the footsteps are so hasty, you have chosen a difficult to remember the domain name, others have that patience? Pull it down, you, the user can remember you just blame, with the whole spell to do the domain name is more good to remember.

Third, the shorter the domain name, the better, you can not choose a domain name like a lazy mother-in-shroud cloth, smelly and long. Four, the suffix of the domain name should also choose commonly used, choose a suffix that most people are not familiar with, the user A look, this is what the ghost thing, perhaps even a glance do not want to.

Four, the suffix of the domain name, the different suffix names represent the same meaning is not the same, I would like to list some of the commonly used domain name suffixes and uses:

. Com commercial organizations. Anyone can register.

. NET network organizations, such as Internet service providers and maintenance providers. Now anyone can sign up.

. CN is a Chinese company

. US United States

. Org? non-profit organizations. Anyone can register.

. Edu Educational Institutions

. Gov government Departments

. Int? International organizations

. Mil United States military

. Biz Business

. Info? Network Information Service organization

. TV TVs

. Pro is used for accounting. Lawyers and doctors

. Name for Personal

Five, the role of domain names

Domain name is to facilitate users to better access the site, better remember the site. You build a website and buy a server, and that's when you can put the content in it,(At this point only you can see your things, others do not see), then you buy a public IP address, bound to this server (generally buy the server will be included with this IP, then your things, others through this public IP can have access.) Then you buy another domain name and bind it to the IP (at which point someone else can access it through this domain name). In popular terms, the domain name is like a room door number, others can find and remember at once. This is like the father-in-law room has his door number, daughter-in-law room also has her own door number, father-in-law will remember their own door number and can suddenly find their own room, will not go to the daughter-in-law room.

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