SEO Full Station optimization: How to crawl mobile site pictures
- 2018-08-31-

SEO Full Station optimization: How to crawl mobile site pictures

Enterprises in the construction of the site, many at the same time also did the mobile phone end of the site, in order to enrich the site layout and content, to the site added a large number of pictures to do beautification. The picture of the website is a website can give users more intuitive information performance, and for search engines, spiders in the random crawl of the site pictures when the ability to recognize is not so strong. If there are very few words, many pictures will also give the mobile siteSEO optimization brings some difficulties.

Crawl pictures of mobile sites

However, with the continuous maturation of search engine algorithms, now Baidu can also crawl pictures of the site, such as: the site'sLOGO, as well as pictures related to the subject of the article, and so on. Shiyan website construction company SEO optimization consultant after a long period of observation, summed up the following six methods to help us optimize the website and mobile phone side of the picture, in order to achieve an optimized friendly, quickly entered role.

First, do not steal pictures as far as possible original

Try to make your own pictures, there are a lot of free picture material, we can stitch through, make the pictures we need.

In the usual work, found that the pictures related to their own website can be saved first, in the local classification and marking. When the site needs pictures, look at the relevant pictures and start doing a picture yourself. This is a long-term accumulation of the process, with the increase in time, their own amount of material will be more and more large. Proficient and then do the picture on the handy.

Image copyright

Pay special attention here, now a lot of pictures are copyrighted, do not use those copyrighted pictures, otherwise it will not only infringe, but also let the search engine to reduce the trust value of your site.

Second, the site picture save path

This problem many webmasters do not pay attention to, pictures in the upload to the site, as far as possible to save the picture under a directory, or according to the site column to do a good picture directory, upload when the path to relatively fixed, convenient spider crawl, spiders in the visit to this directory will be"Know" This directory is saved in the picture;

Picture file naming try to use some regular or meaningful methods, you can use the time, column name or site name to name. For example:SEO Full Station optimizationThe following picture can use the name "SEOZZYH2018-6-23-36", the front "SEOZZYH" is SEO full station optimization of the simple spell, the middle is the time, the end is the image ID.

Why would you do that?In fact, this is to cultivate search engine spider crawl habits, convenient for the future faster recognition of the site picture content. Let the spider catch the happy, the site is included in the chance of increased, why not!

Third, the picture around to have relevant text

The beginning of the article said that the site picture is able to present information directly to the user a method, search engine in crawling the content of the site, will also detect whether this article has a map, video or table, and so on, these are can increase the value of the article elements, the other forms are temporarily not table, Here we just talk about the introduction of the relevant text around the picture.

Picture fits the theme

First of all, the image around the text to match the content of the picture itself, for example, your article is to do site optimization, inside the map is a recipe picture, this is not hanging out?? The user's sense of access will be extremely poor, search engine through the relevant algorithms to identify this image, will also feel that the graphic does not match, give you a poor review oh.

Therefore, each article should be accompanied by at least one corresponding picture, and around the picture to appear related to your site title content. ForSearch Engine Ranking OptimizationCan not only help search engines understand pictures, but also increase the readability of articles, user experience friendliness, and relevance.

Iv. picture AdditionALT, Title tags

Many webmasters may not pay attention to these details when adding pictures of the site, some may feel troublesome, I hope you must not have this idea, this is a big mistake.

When search engines crawl pictures of the site,ATL tags are the first to crawl, but also to identify the content of the picture is very important one of the core factors, the Alt property of the picture is directly told the search engine this is what the site picture, and this to express what meaning;

Title tags are tips that appear when a user points to this picture, which is a trick to increase user experience and add keywords to the site.

Alt and Title tags

Then there are these two properties, which will provide visitors with dyslexia with the convenience of access, such as: when a blind person visits your website, he does not see the content on the screen, may be read through the screen software, if there isAlt property, the software reads the text directly out of the Alt property to make it easier for them to access it.

V. Size and resolution of the picture

Although the two may seem the same, there is still a big difference, the same size of the picture, higher resolution, the larger the size of the site. We need to be clear about that.

The picture on the website has always been advocated to use as small a picture as possible to present a lot of content. Why would you do that?Because small size pictures will load faster, will not let visitors wait too long, especially when mobile phone access, due to mobile phone internet speed and traffic restrictions, users are more willing to access the page can be opened immediately, small size pictures are more advantageous.

Here we try to do a good balance, in the case of the picture is not distorted, the size as small as possible. Now there are a lot of online to the picture slimming tool, you webmasters can try, the site of the image of the appropriate compression, on the one hand can reduce the pressure of your server bandwidth, in addition to the user has a smooth experience.

Six, mobile phone end automatic adaptation

Many webmasters have encountered the site in the computer access picture display is normal, but from the mobile phone will appear dislocation and so on, this is the large size of the picture to different sizes of the terminal caused dislocation and display incomplete situation.

Picture Adaptive mobile phone End

In fact, this problem is very good to solve, in the addition of pictures when the wide height as far as possible do not use the required standard size, the use of percentages to solve. Specifically,CSS code cannot specify pixel width: width:xxx px; only percentage width can be specified: width:xx%; or Width:auto on it.

The purpose of this is also to let Baidu's mobile spider crawl when there is a good experience, which is also in order to more in line with Baidu Mobile landing page experience.

The above describes the siteSEO optimization of how to crawl mobile site pictures of some tips, in fact, the essence is to give users a better access experience. When you do the site in line with this purpose, I believe that search engines will certainly favor your site.