Baidu Ranking Optimization method
- 2018-08-31-

Baidu Ranking Optimization method

Baidu RankingOptimizationThe way can be roughly divided into3 kinds, the right spot ranking, the left auction ranking, the left natural ranking. In this we are referring to Baidu's left natural ranking. As a Chinese search engine on the spire of the pyramid, Baidu can bring the traffic to each site is clearly known to everyone. However, the bidding cost of the popular words in Baidu will be a big advertising expense. Choosing Baidu's ranking optimization will allow you to find the perfect combination between advertising investment and cost compression.
BaiduRanking optimization ofSkills
SEO How to let Baidu included when you can get a better ranking:
    The first is the selection of domain names, if funds and costs allow you to recommend the use of. Com domain name, this is not how much for the reason is very simple. I'm sure we all know that. If you want to use the. cn domain name, it is recommended to use the. domain name.

Then is to build the station, first of all, the article must adhere to the original. This is very important, of course, if you collect it, you can, simply modify it. This will be more conducive to search engine crawl. In-station optimization is the premise, your title, your keywords, your description should be written well. This thing when you set the time must not change, in Baidu did not include before if you have been changing the title or something, careful Baidu may not be included. Because the feeling you give the search engine is that your station is unstable. The keyword density inside the station doesn't say much.3% to 8% or so. Layout should be reasonable, do not appear the phenomenon of keyword stacking.

The second focus is the acquisition of external links, really to Baidu optimization of external links must be smooth to obtain external reverse. Don't be too quick, don't worry too much. Link evenly plus, this is in response to Baidu's recent adjustment to change the strategy. Before the optimization of Baidu when the link even if added soon there is no problem, but now must pay attention to, if added too much too fast will easily be punished by Baidu, the home page for the right to reduce. Be careful Oh, Baidu's collection time will generally be in about half a month, fast may also be a few days, but I have never encountered within 7 days included. My station is nearly 20 days included, but a collection can be to Baidu home page. In these 20 days, external links are uniform at a constant speed, and external resources are important. If you do not have access to external resources, you can find friends to want, if friends also do not, you can consider sending some forum posts plus your reverse. You can buy some more.